What I Did Last Summer -> My Daily Photos

I know, it’s only August 5th. I’m not trying to rush us through the season, I haven’t posted in a long while and I thought it would be nice to celebrate the magnificent weather we’ve been having up here in the PAC NW. After all, it’s what has been keeping me from posting. […]

Tumblr Storyboard -> NYC's Pothole Repair Crew

Potholes are far from glamorous. I should know, I worked on a road crew doing this very thing for three long Summers in Ohio during my college years. It’s tough, hot work, but if you’re with the right crew, it’s kind of fun too. Anyway, this video, coming from the content creators at Tumblr is […]

Tumblr Archive -> Looking Back

This is literally a three month ‘snapshot’ of my life, via my Tumblr mobile photo blog. I consider my photo habit a ‘healthy distraction’. I like to look back at the months that have slipped away, and re-visit some of the moments that probably passed me by too quickly. Then again, don’t they all?
Visit -> […]

Elle Perez -> Photography

I came across the photography of Elle Perez recently. I enjoy the sense of honesty and humanity that he’s able to capture within each scenario or series. I also like that he’s embedded his portfolio into his Tumblr blog. Pretty clever and definitely worth checking out.
Visit -> elleperez.com/

Things Organized Neatly -> Tumblr

This is a fun Tumblr blog appropriately named ‘Things Organized Neatly’, perfect for fellow OCD’ers out there who obsess over clean lines and clarity of arrangement, balance and relationship. On a good day my desk, coffee table and the floor of my closet resemble some of these finely tuned arrangements of stuff. Have a look.
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Delaney Allen -> Photography

The photography of Portland, Oregon based Delaney Allen is brilliant. Fantastic cloudscapes, rogue waves, mundane objects in extraordinary environments and even still moments that pull at one’s emotional heartstrings. It’s all there.
Visit -> delaneyallen.tumblr.com/
Visit -> www.flickr.com/photos/delaneyallen/

AntiqueGleam -> Tumblr

Tumblr has become such an amazingly vast archive of people’s interests, I never know what I’ll discover on my dashboard. Being a car guy, and a fan of all things obscure and retro, I’m having a lot of fun with antiquegleam.tumblr.com. Lot’s of old forgotten automobile designs, ads and odd captures of the classics in […]

iPhone 4s -> Photos

Since I traded in the old iPhone 3gs for the new iPhone 4s, my photo taking productivity has increased significantly. That’s the good thing. The bad thing is that my photo taking productivity has increased significantly and I haven’t touched my Canon 7D in weeks! I’ve found that the new 8MP camera and optics have really […]

Happy Halloween -> iPhone Pics/Tumblr

Recently, I’ve been having a lot of fun posting to my ‘Chris Kalani’ themed Tumblr blog (Chris Kalani is the designer and creator of yayeveryday.com). For the most part I use the blog to post daily pics from my iPhone or some of my shots from my Canon 7D. Halloween is one of my favorite […]