the build -> interactive film

Quality story telling, beautiful videography, thoughtfully designed and delivered, honest and genuine… moody soundtrack …all things that I personally appreciate when it comes to digital content …oh yes, and the motorcycles. (via
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octofeed -> clean design Facebook timeline

This is what my Facebook timeline looks like when under the influence of ‘octofeed’. Just log into with your Facebook password and just like that, your timeline and newsfeed will render with this slick design. It’s actually pretty nice, inspiring even. Makes you wonder why Facebook has yet to implement custom themes into the […]

Audio alignment -> Sonic Visualiser and MATCH

Audio alignment using Sonic Visualiser and MATCH from Chris Cannam on Vimeo.
After the the last couple of posts in regard to “motion tracking” technology I thought it would be fitting to mention my recent discovery of “audio alignment”. This technology makes it possible for multiple audio tracks to become easily analyzed and synced on […]