76 Synthesizer -> iPad App Concept

The above life-like synth iPad app concept was created by talented designer and developer Jonas Eriksson, based in Sweden and Los Angeles. Myself being a bit of a musician, I love to see great app design that is inspired by retro analog recording equipment, tube amps and other old school audio interfaces. That kind of aesthetic […]

Malaventura -> Audiovisual sampler (in action)

Malaventura’s Audiovisual sampler (in action) from malaventura on Vimeo.
This piece was recorded live and made with Quartz Composer for Video & Ableton Live for the audio. I’ve had an interest in monome, tonematrix and tenori-on music tech devices for some time now and was pretty blown away when I saw this video. I think the […]

Analogue Heaven (AHNE) -> Northeast 2009

Analogue Heaven Northeast 2009 from stretta on Vimeo.
The Analog Heaven Northeast Meeting is an annual gathering of synth heads and analogue freaks from around the world. The primary motivation for this event is to collaborate and display their rare and obscure synth equipment. Think of it as a classic car show for super geeky musicians. […]

Monome/MLR -> Synth Interface

i wish i was a finger ninja from Nick Ciontea on Vimeo.
The Monome is a simple synth interface device design that from what I gather is available as a kit. It’s been around for about a year or so now but I’m not finding a ton of info on it. After some digging, I found […]