What I Did Last Summer -> My Daily Photos

I know, it’s only August 5th. I’m not trying to rush us through the season, I haven’t posted in a long while and I thought it would be nice to celebrate the magnificent weather we’ve been having up here in the PAC NW. After all, it’s what has been keeping me from posting. […]

Lifetime Collective -> The Road Trip

Lifetime Collective Spring/Summer 2012 “The Road Trip” from Salazar on Vimeo.
This is a pretty fun and beautifully shot summer road trip short video produced by a small band of directors called Salazar. Nice light, interesting action and an overall warm summer aesthetic. Worth a view.
Visit -> http://www.salazarfilm.com/

Liquify! -> Aira

LIQUIFY! by Aira from Aira on Vimeo.
To me, this video captures the epitome of summer play in a short but sweet span of 1:23 seconds. Well captured, filled with great light, color and interesting aquatic moments that take me back to the days of my favorite summers on the Jersey Shore. A great view for […]

The Sea and Cake -> Weekend

This is a great video Directed by Tim Suton for band ‘Sea and Cake’. It documents a summer ‘day in the life of’ for a group of young kids. Shot with a lo-fi approach there are lots of great ‘moments’ captured and supported by some nice color flange and lens flares, all effects that add […]