Pacific Northwest -> Bokeh Pictures

This is a two part post really. One part, to make note of the fantastic photo narrative service that is, and the other to highlight Bokeh and their Pacific Northwest collection. The photo narrative is such simple and powerful way to tell stories. The exposure templates offer a range of sizing and layout that […]

Use. Design. Engineer. Build. Repeat. -> Black Diamond

CARABINERS: Use. Design. Engineer. Build. Repeat.
Consumer confidence is not easily attained. Sometimes you have to tell little stories to get there. This video by Black Diamond does a really nice job illustrating the level of quality, craftsmanship and design involved with creating one of their rock solid carabiners. Black Diamond has also redesigned their site experience, […]

'Guy Walks Across America' -> Life Tracking Project

This is an unusually long post for circuitbreaks, but I’m especially excited by this one because it is a good representation of where I see content delivery and story telling is going, and yes, already is…
The hero of this story is ‘Mike’. Mike has walked almost 3,000 miles across the U.S. and documented his story […]