Jimb Lamb -> An Artist's Profile

Jimb Lamb – An Artists Profile from Ben Strickland on Vimeo.
This very well captured artist profile by Ben Strickland has it all, great pace, music, timelapse, and an amazingly talented subject… painter Jimb Lamb. Well worth checking out.
Visit -> http://genesisg.com/home.aspx
Visit -> http://www.brainbx.com/

the build -> interactive film

Quality story telling, beautiful videography, thoughtfully designed and delivered, honest and genuine… moody soundtrack …all things that I personally appreciate when it comes to digital content …oh yes, and the motorcycles. (via ilovenewwork.com)
Visit -> thebuildfilm.com/
Created by -> vimeo.com/instrument

Tumblr Storyboard -> NYC's Pothole Repair Crew

Potholes are far from glamorous. I should know, I worked on a road crew doing this very thing for three long Summers in Ohio during my college years. It’s tough, hot work, but if you’re with the right crew, it’s kind of fun too. Anyway, this video, coming from the content creators at Tumblr is […]