Tim Noble and Sue Webster -> Shadow Sculptures

It’s astonishing that such a seemingly scattered mess of random objects, when precisely assembled, have the ability to throw such an accurate human silhouette. You absolutely must click through the link below to view these impressive works of art. (via thisismarvelous.com)
More images -> thisismarvelous.com
Visit -> timnobleandsuewebster.com

Stardust -> PostPanic

Stardust from PostPanic on Vimeo.
Filed under: “Visually Amazing”. This film was created to in honor of the Dutch graphic designer Arjan Groot, who passed away at the young age of 39 from cancer. (via ilovenewwork.com)
Visit -> www.postpanic.com
Notes from Vimeo:
“PostPanic director Mischa Rozema’s new short film, Stardust, is a story about Voyager 1 (the unmanned spacecraft launched in […]

The Decelerator Helmet -> Lorenz Potthast

The Decelerator Helmet – A slow motion for Real Life from Lorenz Potthast on Vimeo.
This thought provoking ‘decelerator helmet’ concept by German Artist Lorenz Potthast allows it’s user to visually experience time passing in slow motion. It seems that it’s literally, a whole new way of taking in the world around you. There are many more fascinating […]

NUIverse -> MSFT Surface 2012

Amazing multimodal and gestural advancements coming from MSFT, utylizing their Surface technology. I love the additional functionality that comes with the transparent chips. Very inspiring to those who are noodling with interface design/technology.

Earth -> Time Lapse View from Space

Earth | Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over | NASA, ISS from Michael König on Vimeo.
This NASA/ISS video has been super popular the past couple days in the digi-nets, and rightly so. It’s absolutely mind-blowing. What amazes me is the fact the earth is so electrically charged, both naturally and by man, at all […]

DJ Light (DJ Luz), Lima 2010 -> Cinimod Studio

DJ Light (DJ Luz), Lima 2010 from Cinimod Studio on Vimeo.
Notes from Vimeo:
“DJ Light is an immersive public sound and light installation that gives visitors the power to orchestrate an awe-inspiring performance of light and sound across a large public space. It was created for energy company Endesa as the cornerstone of their Christmas celebrations […]

Workspace -> Photo Documentary

In honor of ‘the Monday morning’, I’ve decided to post on Joseph O. Holmes’s genius photo documentary called ‘Workplace’. The collection celebrates the many different spaces that we all go to each day in order to make our living. Joseph O. Holmes plans to expand on this collection over time, he currently has an interesting […]