The New MySpace -> Preview

The new Myspace from Myspace on Vimeo.
Oh, this should be interesting. Even though Myspace has been parked in cyberspace, seemingly in a perpetual lull for some time now… I have noticed some interesting and smart design enhancements taking place the last couple of years, making me wonder what was in store for it’s future. For […]

Foodies Paradise ->

This post is specifically for folks out there who love to cook adventurously and eat well …and appreciate a nicely designed search experience to help assist in those efforts. is not only beautifully designed, it contains a great deal of interesting recipes that can be easily searched based on what it is that you’re […]

Intel -> Museum of Me

I know, this clever ‘Museum of Me’ Facebook content aggregate is spreading like wildfire right now via Facebook. To me it’s notable because it’s not only pulling through multiple types of content, but it’s pulling it in, in a way that’s not your typical grid based design. There’s dimension, layering and some nice parallax scrolling […]

Phil Collins Day Parade? -> Brooklyn, NYC

Yes, this is an odd one. But based on the excitement coming from a local Seattle DJ this morning, who discovered this and posted it on her blog… I think there may be some potential for this phenomenon to become a trend. And why not? In 2010 we saw dozens of cities partake in the whole Zombie […]

Mtv Music Meter -> Social Powered Chart

It’s been a while since I’ve seen anything interesting from Mtv but this is pretty nice. It’s a top 100 music chart that is purely fed from social buzz, which is cool because it’s less about corporate hype and more about what people are actually digging. The design is simple, dynamic and shareable. I wonder […]

I ♥ Pummelvision -> Video Generator

My Pummelvision from James Schneider on Vimeo.

My Pummelvision from James Schneider on Vimeo.

Today I was very happy to discover a service called ‘Pummelvision’, and used it to make a video of my Facebook (top vid) and flickr photos (bottom vid). What a fun way to share your Flickr and Facebook photos in video format on […]

'We Are All Workers' -> Rolling Film Roadshow

I took notice of these nice poster designs on the Levi’s Facebook page. Nice type design, retro illustration style and a strong color palette bring them all together and make for a great collectible set. More info via the link below.
From the Facebook page:
“We Are All Workers” Rolling Roadshow is a nationwide tour of free outdoor […]

LoKast -> Disposable Social Net

LoKast is what people are calling a ‘disposable social net’ and was revealed last week at SXSW in Austin. What makes it “disposable” is that you can connect temporarily with the people around you and carry on social interactions such as content sharing and other common activities like voting, chat, flirting, debating… broadcasting yourself in […]

Workspace -> Photo Documentary

In honor of ‘the Monday morning’, I’ve decided to post on Joseph O. Holmes’s genius photo documentary called ‘Workplace’. The collection celebrates the many different spaces that we all go to each day in order to make our living. Joseph O. Holmes plans to expand on this collection over time, he currently has an interesting […]

Inspiration Source -> Custom Facebook Pages

Following a similar model to my long time favorite flash experience gallery FWA, this grid-based site called ‘’ surfaces and displays interactive experiences that are designed specifically for facebook. Often called hubs, group pages or sitelets the pages are designed to net the fish that travel daily through facebook waters and intended to act as […]

Invisible Dogs -> Improv Everywhere

Ahhh, the interesting social experiments coming from ‘Improv Everywhere’ just keep rolling out, causing mass ‘OMG’ emissions from the mouths of many who have been following their ‘flashmob’ events. This time they’ve gathered about 2000 people to meet at a Brooklyn warehouse location where the ‘invisible dog’ toy was invented. Need I say more?
Visit -> […]

FIFA 10 Release -> Site Experience

Tomorrow is the launch of the much awaited EA Sports game FIFA 10. To help support this launch FIFA has constructed an impressive and well designed web hub that extends it’s digital tentacles deep into the world of twitter. They’ve created their own visualization tool called ‘FIFA Earth’ that will help to display and amplify […]

Mastermundo 2009 -> Vocal Domino Record Attempt

Conductor Dagan Cohen attempts to conduct almost 5,000 people as a ‘Flashmob’ experiment of ‘Todaysart festival’ Mastermundo 2009 (Netherlands). These large public social experiments interest me greatly, more about ‘Todaysart Festival’ via the link below.
More info ->
From Vimeo:
“The 2009 edition of Mastermundo ended up in a record-breaking event. At 10.30pm 4,971 people joined the […]

Indaba -> Collaborative Music Community

A few months ago I posted about an online music tool/community called Hobnox, that allows it’s users to collaborate, record and share their creations via an Adobe Flash based synthesizer setup. Indaba does pretty much the same thing only the interface is more like an online track based Pro-Tools or Garage band, which is great […]

Doodlers Anonymous -> Drawing Network

I love the premise of this online network of Doodlers. It’s a great way to share, compare and collaborate sketch phase ideas amongst friends who share the same doodling addiction. From ‘About’ page -> “Doodlers Anonymous was founded to celebrate our addiction, and like any other, we’re hooked. The need to draw, sketch, and doodle […]