Labics -> Architecture

If you are at all interested in modern architecture trends, then I would suggest clicking around Labics Architecture’s site (based in Rome). Not only are their final designs crisp and clean, their conceptual models and renderings are a work of art as well.
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Squarespace 6 -> 'all in one' Platform

Squarespace is looking pretty nice. You can easily import all your content from Tumblr, Pinterest, WordPress, drag and drop images to upload, looks way easy! Some nice clean responsive templates to choose from, so it will display well on your iEverything. Very interesting. There is an $8-$16 monthly fee attached to the usage of this […]

Optimo -> Fine Hats

The ‘Optimo Fine Hats’ site experience is a terrific example of online branding, story telling and product display. They obviously want customers to come away with the understanding that Optimo hats are the real deal. Quality stuff. It will be interesting to see how they design out the online store.
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