What I Did Last Summer -> My Daily Photos

I know, it’s only August 5th. I’m not trying to rush us through the season, I haven’t posted in a long while and I thought it would be nice to celebrate the magnificent weather we’ve been having up here in the PAC NW. After all, it’s what has been keeping me from posting. […]

Seattle 2012 -> Snowstorm Photos

I haven’t had a lot of free time to post this week. I’ve been shoveling snow and taking photos of all the wild weather that we’ve been experiencing here in the Pacific NW. I’ve got a bunch of photos that I will be processing and posting over the next few days, and another good night […]

The Greenhornes -> Saying Goodbye (Live on KEXP)

Last week while commuting in to work I was lucky enough to hear this new track called ‘Saying Goodbye’ by the Greenhornes on KEXP radio. It was a clear morning, and Mt. Rainier was not only beaming in the rising sun (which is impressive enough), it was also sporting a massively epic plume of snow […]

The Emerald City of Seattle -> Photo Book (Full Preview)

The Emerald City of Seattle by James H Schneider jr | Make Your Own Book

It’s been almost exactly six months since I published my first Seattle photo book called ‘So Far Seattle’, using the Blurb book making application. I made a promise to myself that I would publish a second book featuring moments from the […]

Cloud Cult -> There's So Much Energy In Us (Live on KEXP)

An old friend of mine from back east (NYC) turned me on to this Minneapolis based band called ‘Cloud Cult’ recently. If you like the eclectic and textured sounds of bands like The Broken Social Scene, The Deadly Syndrome and Grizzly Bear, I think you may find Cloud Cult to be to your liking as well. […]

My Photography Update -> Shooting with the Canon 7D

You may have noticed (probably not), that I haven’t posted in about a week. In case this is your first visit to circuitbreaks, that is a rare occurrence. I usually post 4-5 times a week… What have I been doing? Well, I took some time off around Labor Day, saw some bands at ‘Bumbershoot‘, the […]

Photography Update -> Shooting the Canon EOS 7D

I’m happy to report that I received my long awaited Canon EOS 7D in the mail from B&H Camera last Thursday and I’ve been tinkering with it ever since, despite a head cold and some pretty drippy and unusually cold weather (for August). Right out of the box I knew I had made the right […]

So Far Seattle -> Photo Book (full preview)

I’ve posted about my photo book project a couple of times here on CircuitBreaks.com, and I’m now posting to let you all know that it’s finally up for a full preview and if you really, really dig it… for purchase on Blurb.com. I had a great time taking the pics, pulling them all together and […]

Cloud Dreams -> Edvard Brun

Cloud Dreams from edvard brun on Vimeo.
Take some time to enjoy the above amazing time lapse capture by Seattle based writer and videographer Edvard Brun. He has many other videos available on Vimeo and a great collection of photos on Flickr as well. His work has inspired me more than ever to keep saving towards […]

Seattle Photo Update -> JHSINDESIGN

Here are some recent highlights from my ‘So Far Seattle’ photo set on Flickr. The city of Seattle continues to throw me amazing photo opportunities. I’ve been sticking to mostly urban shots lately but I plan to broaden my subject matter this summer by venturing into some of the amazing mountain parks and shoreline areas.  I’ll keep […]

Seattle Camper Vans -> Continued...

If you frequent my blog, which is wishful thinking on my part, you may have noticed the radio silence over the last few days. A couple of times a year I actually get to see my parents in person. This past weekend they were able to come out for a visit and it was their […]

'So Far Seattle' -> Photo Book Concept

It’s been almost 6 months since I moved to Seattle, I’ve taken a lot of pictures of this amazing city so far. Two weeks ago I realized that I had almost 100 Seattle photos up on Flickr already, so I decided to test print an 84 page photo book to see how it would come […]

Queen Anne Camper/Hippie Vans -> James Schneider jr

Being a new resident of the pacific northwest, I’ve started to discover a number of interesting cultural subtleties that are different from the east coast and the midwest where I have lived in the past. One of the little granular details that has caught my eye is the local love for the mini camper van. […]

iPhone 3Gs Photos -> Jhsindesign Posterous

A couple months ago I started up a ‘posterous’ blog and have been using it as an easy mobile upload platform for all my iPhone photos. I’m snapping daily and I’m often surprised at the image quality I’m getting from my iPhone, depending on the light and my ability to keep my hand steady (or […]

Seattle Photo Update -> James Schneider Jr

It’s been almost 3 months now since the big move to Seattle. My wife and I have done our best to get outside, explore the city while at the same time try to acclimate, find everything that was “professionally” but randomly packed + stay on top of our day jobs. We’ve been really lucky to have […]