Tim Noble and Sue Webster -> Shadow Sculptures

It’s astonishing that such a seemingly scattered mess of random objects, when precisely assembled, have the ability to throw such an accurate human silhouette. You absolutely must click through the link below to view these impressive works of art. (via thisismarvelous.com)
More images -> thisismarvelous.com
Visit -> timnobleandsuewebster.com

Fesson Ludovic -> Natural Sculpture

In a world where the temptation to overbuild, overcomplicate, and overthink, comes all too easy, I find Jargeau, France based artist, Fesson Ludovic’s land art to be refreshing. The simple surprise that comes from bringing basic order to organic elements in their own natural environment really delivers, both visually and conceptually. Many more examples of […]

LEGO towers -> MVRDV at BODW

Isn’t this lego tower installation named “Porous City” absolutely amazing? It was constructed from 1.5 million LEGO bricks by MVRDV and ‘The Why Factory‘. They will be exhibited at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, 3 – 8 December, and Dutch architect Winy Maas will lecture about them on December 7th during the BODW Forum. I’d love to see […]

Mini Ghettoblaster -> Mini Schweiz

I dig this super extra large “mini” ghettoblaster promo for the International Radio Festival in Zurich featured by Mini Schweiz. Taking Papercraft to the extreme, from the photos on it’s Behance page, you can see it brings some serious character to the surrounding environment that it’s placed in.
Visit -> www.draftfcb.eu/ch/kreation/

Neil Dawson -> Horizons

Sculptor Neil Dawson is the creator of these massive illustrative blankets called ‘Horizons’ that are perched, or seemingly thrown on the rolling hills of Gibbs Farms (Kaipara Harbour, New Zealand). Having a look as if they had fallen from the pen of Ub Iwerks, these surreal but somehow complimentary sculptures add a nice dose of […]

Chris Sickels -> and his Harley Pacer

I like this little film about super talented artist Chris Sickels and his vintage Harley Pacer. All around, he seems like a great person, someone who appreciates the simple things in life but is also passionate about producing the things his mind gravitates towards. Makes for an entertaining view, godspeed!
Visit -> http://rednosestudio.com/

Boris Tellegen -> Diversions Series

I recently discovered the sculptural works of Amsterdam based artist Boris Tellegen. Full of dynamic multi-layered structure and modern edge, they really hold my attention. I’d like to see them in person, I’m sure as light changes in any given room or space, they change personality right along with it. Many more great works by Boris […]

MOCA Taipei -> Projection and Paper Sculpture

chiral | documentation projection & paper sculpture | MOCA Taipei 2010 from Robert Seidel on Vimeo.
A new friend sent me a link to this very intriguing multimedia projection on paper sculpture project earlier in the week. I really enjoy the overall visual effect and the mood set by the musical score and the quality edit. The […]

Haroshi を立ち上げる -> Recycled Skateboard Art

I really enjoy the artwork of artist, skater and designer known as Haroshi. Having grown up a skater and a Super Mario Bros addict I naturally gravitate towards these works in a big way. Each iconic wall mural and piece of sculpture is created from recycled skateboard decks. Glued together, cut and shaped these decks […]

Kiel Johnson -> Cardboard Sculptures

The first I saw of L.A. based, Kansas City born Kiel Johnson was the title screen of his time lapse video below (Cardboard Sculpture of a Twin Lens Reflex Camera) on Vimeo. Honestly I didn’t even play the video at the time. I guess I’d seen so much papercraft time lapse video on Youtube and […]

Kvadrat Design-Textiles -> Clouds

Denmark design studio ‘Kvadrat’, leader in the European market of design-textiles has dreamed up these amazing hanging sculptural creations that they have appropriately named ‘Clouds’. Coming in multiple configurations and color patterns they definitely demand our attention and add some serious atmosphere to any environment that of which they are set. See many more color […]

Peter Root -> Artist

Some ideas are so simple that you wonder why no one had thought of them earlier. Peter Root came up with the above ‘Low-Rise’ assemblage in 2006. Looking very much like lower Manhattan, this piece consists of thousands of free-standing stacks of staples all placed on a mirrored surface making for a pretty amazing sculpture […]

Julien Vallée -> Motion & Design

Graphic designer Julien Vallée specializes in paper sculpture design and has pretty much made a serious name for himself through this trendy/popular medium. Working with some major clients e.g., The New York Times, Print Magazine and Globo Logos to name a few, he’s helped to set the tone for a pretty significant design revolution that […]

Xavier Veilhan -> Sculpture 'Sophie'

Paris based sculptor Xavier Veilhan has recently created a new piece of sculpture for restaurant Le Germain. Titled ‘Sophie’, the sculpture penetrates the ceiling of the restaurant and reappears in the upstairs lounge. You can see how this works from the 3d rendering below. I’ve always been attracted to Xavier Veilhan‘s bold use of color […]

Giant Gundam is Alive -> Odaiba, Tokyo

Photos from -> Pinktentacle.com

I have been following the construction of this Giant Gundam statue in Odaiba, Tokyo via-Pinktentacle, BouncingRedBall and a few other great blogs that cover interesting happenings in Japan. This week it was announced that he’s finally completed and I must say he looks amazing from the pictures. Gundam stands a […]