The Spokesman -> Dean Saffron

The Spokesman from dean saffron on Vimeo.
This man has a wealth of bicycle knowledge stored in his head, and a collection to match. I admire his selfless mission and passion to preserve his amazing bicycle collection for future generations to enjoy. What an interesting person. Very much worth the view for bicycle lovers.

14 classic BMW grills -> Art Print

I was lucky to stumble across a classic BMW car club gathering this morning in West Seattle, along Alki beach. I quickly went home and grabbed my 7D and proceeded to get all up in their magnificent grills. After processing, I decided to upload a huge 50mb file to Society6 to make available as a […]

Mini Ghettoblaster -> Mini Schweiz

I dig this super extra large “mini” ghettoblaster promo for the International Radio Festival in Zurich featured by Mini Schweiz. Taking Papercraft to the extreme, from the photos on it’s Behance page, you can see it brings some serious character to the surrounding environment that it’s placed in.
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Lennon's Poster -> Letterpress Print

Lennon’s Poster from Make Productions on Vimeo.
This is a terrific story about the reproduction of the poster that inspired one of the most magical songs by the Beatles, written by John Lennon. You know it -> ‘Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!’ (1967). Painstakingly reproduced by 100% traditional methods, I would love to have […]

Sammy Slabbinck -> Collage Artist

I really enjoy the retro appeal coming from Belgian artist Sammy Slabbinck’s collage works. Each one seems to carry it’s own thought provoking message and personality, holding one’s attention. Many more beyond the link on his Tumblr site.
Notes from site:
“Sammy Slabbinck renders dynamic collage prints, combining vintage photographs with contemporary compositional styles. The images are cut up […]

Mister Rogers Remixed -> Garden of Your Mind

This is an absolutely brilliant remix by Symphony of Science’s John Boswell for PBS. Especially for those who grew up with Mr. Rogers, we may look back and chuckle, but you cannot deny the power of his positive messages, delivered with that smooth, caring, lyrical style that only he could flow. haha. (via Max)
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Urban Outlaw -> The Trailer

Notes from Vimeo:
“URBAN OUTLAW is a portrait of Magnus Walker, the rebel Porsche customizer who turned a hobby into an obsession, and an obsession into a successful business. From a workshop in downtown Los Angeles, Magnus obsessively harvests fragments from donor 911s, grafting them onto vintage frames to create one-off automobiles with the spirit of […]

Icon Bronco -> Cool Hunting Vid

Yes, another 4×4 post… I’ve posted many times about the magical custom rehab 4×4 establishment that is Icon, based in L.A. The folks at Cool Hunting created a nice little spot on their amazing Bronco design. Did you know that the grill design on some of the Icon trucks was assisted by Nike? More detail […]

All Hail The Beat -> Roland TR-808

When I close my eyes and think of the the 80s, this is the sound that I hear, accompanied with the visual of florescent yellow fat laces, laced perfectly straight across on my Air Jordans… miss those. The signature sound of the Roland TR-808 helped to transform the music industry during the 1980s. There’s some interesting […]

Soviet Cameras -> is a ridiculously great source of browsing entertainment. If you’re into all things retro… cars, products, events, people, places, you’ll have a good time checking out the content on their site. The Soviet camera collection is pretty impressive. I’d love to get my hands on an original Lomo.
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Depth of Speed -> British Mania

HBTV: Depth of Speed – British Mania from HBTV on Vimeo.
Notes from Vimeo:
“When it comes to the world of British automotive prowess, the earlier examples from MG and Austin Healey have arguably fallen to the wayside amongst Britain’s current crop of luxury vehicle makers. But for Roger Gisseman, his love of British cars dates back […]

Retro Fonts -> Cassannet and Metropolis

I’ve seen a resurgence of some beautifully designed retro art deco fonts lately. Above are a couple that I’ve really taken a liking to, Cassannet (by Josip Kelava) & Metropolis (by They maintain a great classic quality while also feeling nice and fresh. Both terrific fonts for designers who are looking to shake it […]

21 Helmets Art Show -> Portland, Oregon

21 artists come together to show off their amazing helmet designs at a Portland art gallery, all supported by classic motorcycle helmet company BELL. Love to see a company take notice and place a spotlight on their customer’s passions. Makes for an entertaining view.
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Satori' Animation -> Abhilasha Dewan

Satori from Abhilasha Dewan on Vimeo.
I really dig the overall effect of this cleverly composited animation short by Abhilasha Dewan, inspired by the misty mountains of Nainital, India. Lot’s of great subtle shading and filtering, his use of photography to add depth and dimension to the illustration is just awesome. Very inspiring piece.

AntiqueGleam -> Tumblr

Tumblr has become such an amazingly vast archive of people’s interests, I never know what I’ll discover on my dashboard. Being a car guy, and a fan of all things obscure and retro, I’m having a lot of fun with Lot’s of old forgotten automobile designs, ads and odd captures of the classics in […]