Curbside VW Micro Bus -> 2015 Collection

Over the holiday, I took some time to pull together some of my more recent Curbside VW Micro Bus pics (36) and assembled them into a large print that I’ve made available through Society 6. Long story short, if I see one, I take a picture of it. This has been going on since 2010. […]

Lennon's Poster -> Letterpress Print

Lennon’s Poster from Make Productions on Vimeo.
This is a terrific story about the reproduction of the poster that inspired one of the most magical songs by the Beatles, written by John Lennon. You know it -> ‘Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!’ (1967). Painstakingly reproduced by 100% traditional methods, I would love to have […]

Fake Vintage Posters -> Juan Molinet

I love this collection of “Fake Japanese Ad Characters” created by Argentina based illustrator/artist Juan Molinet. Each one artfully captures the retro quality of another era, from the line quality and typography to the colors selected. Super fun. You can check out the full set on his Flickr page here.
Visit ->

Chaos Crew -> The Tattooed Poster

Notes from Site:
“In a celebration of some of 2011′s most newsworthy events, Munich’s Chaos Crew Tattoo Studio created a massive poster that shows the true art of tattooing by using a large piece of calfskin. By using the skin instead of creating an image and transferring the work to paper, the integrity of the original […]

Thomas Couderc & Clément Vauchez ->

One of the more inspiring portfolios that I have seen in a long time is coming from France based design duo Thomas Couderc & Clément Vauchez. Everything from photo composite fine art prints to beautifully designed, energetic typography poster concepts, their portfolio site is a great destination to harvest some fresh ideas.
Visit ->

Ogaki Typeface -> Áron Jancsó Type Posters

This week was kind of an interesting week in type design. After watching Gap inc completely flop the introduction of a wildly new and obscenely corporate logo for themselves -> check out some of the backlash: – …pretty amazing. You wonder how these things can happen when there are so many well designed typeface options out […]

Todd Slater -> Rushmore Print +

A number of interesting discoveries came from my recent discovery of this ‘Rushmore’ print by illustrator Todd Slater. First off, the print itself, I’m a huge fan of Bill Murray and the movie Rushmore and poster prints. Win + Win! Unfortunately it’s sold out on Todd Slater’s site. Hopefully he’ll print up some more for […]

'We Are All Workers' -> Rolling Film Roadshow

I took notice of these nice poster designs on the Levi’s Facebook page. Nice type design, retro illustration style and a strong color palette bring them all together and make for a great collectible set. More info via the link below.
From the Facebook page:
“We Are All Workers” Rolling Roadshow is a nationwide tour of free outdoor […]

A Cloud for Climbing -> Icarus: Returning

I’m really feeling the above graphic composite created for a Flagstaff, Arizona based musician called ‘A Cloud for Climbing’. From the amazing music sample that I’ve heard, the image compliments their sound really well, part digi-tech, part natural acoustic and an array of beats and dub sounds. I’m intrigued already, and plan to check out […]

Poster Print Design -> Ruben Córdoba Schwaneberg

Ruben Córdoba Schwaneberg is a very talented designer based in Barcelona, Spain. His type, sense of color and imagery feels extremely fresh to me. He specializes in motion graphics, illustration and character design. The above images are from his poster set collection that he calls ‘Melancoloric’ and can be seen with a few more via […]

World Cup Poster -> David Watson/Trebleseven

Designer David Watson of Trebleseven Studios created the above colorful, typographic World Cup poster. Another nice example of the popular subtractive coloring technique that I so much enjoy. If I had some more room on my walls to squeeze this one in I’d definitely pick one up. You can purchase the print from his website […]

Indie Album Poster Prints -> Noa Emberson

Honolulu based graphic designer Noa Emberson created these indie record cover poster prints as a personal tribute to his top twenty five indie albums. He’s included interesting information on each band and album as well as a nice typographic header that runs consistently throughout the collection, making them great collectibles. I see these as being […]

Printed Offset Lithography -> Katsui Mitsuo

I came across these amazing poster prints while browsing graphic designer/artist Ellen McFadden’s Flickr stream last night. They were created by a Japanese designer named Katsui Mitsuo (Font computer designed poster by Katsui, Mitsuo 1998) and are part of a printed offset lithography collection. I really appreciate these works for their color and the overall sense […]

Ross Gunter -> Poster/Print Design Typography

I came across Ross Gunter’s super clean poster print design while browsing Behance the other day. I dig his brand of the international typographic style and his bold color sensibilities. With those two skills combined there is little that can go wrong, if you ask me. His site is full of great works and is […]