Andi Mayr -> Landscape Photography

I really enjoy the landscape photography by German artist and designer Andi Mayr. His color work especially has my attention. Taking notes.
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Elle Perez -> Photography

I came across the photography of Elle Perez recently. I enjoy the sense of honesty and humanity that he’s able to capture within each scenario or series. I also like that he’s embedded his portfolio into his Tumblr blog. Pretty clever and definitely worth checking out.
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Viewbook Portfolio App -> iPad

Viewbook Portfolio for iPad from Viewbook on Vimeo.
Here’s another very cleanly designed portfolio option for designers and photographers called Viewbook. There seems to be so many great ways to display work lately, especially with Behance’s release of ‘Pro Site‘. I’m thinking of updating my own…
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'Infographics in Context' -> Peter Orntoft

Many in the design community have claimed that 2010 was the year of the infographic. With design forward organizations like GOOD magazine, countless agencies and independent designers all taking a crack at reinventing the idea of information design in the past couple years, it’s become a fun trend to track. The fantastic examples above are from a […]

JHSINDESIGN: Night Life project -> Behance

After blogging about dozens of artists and designers that I’ve found on, I finally decided to set up a profile of my own. The first project of mine that I decided to upload is also one of my longest going; a collection of long exposure night photos that I have been building up for […]

Zoltán Vancsó -> True Life Photography

It would be incredible if we had the ability to harness time, stay within the good moments and savor them completely.  Zoltán Vancsó is somehow doing exactly that with every picture he takes. To me, they are all pure perfectly captured moments in life. Regardless of equipment, money, culture or land, he’s just locked them […]

Designer -> Pablo Alfieri

If you only have time to check out one design related site this week, I would say Buenos Aires based designer Pablo Alfieri’s updated portfolio site would be from the top of my list to choose. Along with the smooth site experience you’ll find a ton of fresh, vivid on-trend work that is certain to […]

Skinny Ships -> Typography, Design and Illustration

L.A. based designer and illustrator Richard Perez is ‘Skinny Ships’. He’s worked on large corporate marketing projects as well as smaller more custom projects e.g., indie rock posters and album covers that you have probably seen examples of in the past few years. His Type skills, eye for color and illustration abilities are amazingly classic […]

Portfolio Update -> JHSINDESIGN

I’ve decided to take a new graphic approach with my online portfolio as it was in dire need of an update and some house cleaning. I’m still adding and subtracting to the design work and my artwork but it’s coming together and has taken a pretty radical change so I thought I would throw out […]