20 New Recommended Photographers: March 2016 -> jhsindesign

I was lucky to have my EyeEm photography and profile featured in their ’20 New Recommended Photographers: March 2016′. It’s amazing how this feature has increased my profile activity on EyeEm, as well as inspire me to capture and post more photos. I’ve experienced a little productivity boom in recent weeks. Just goes to show for all aspects […]

La Push -> Road Trip

Last week, my wife, some dear old friends, and I were fortunate enough to explore La Push, and the Hoh Rainforest, both located on the Olympic Peninsula. In short, we had an amazing time and the Olympic Peninsula is certainly a beautiful place to get lost. I posted a few of my mobile pics on […]

Personal top 5 -> Mobile pics 2012

2012 was another full year of ‘mobile’ photo snapping. I decided to look through and pull together a very light minded “top 5” from the few hundred or so photos that I’ve posted to my tumblr blog. They may not be the best photos from this year, but they’re my favorite of the bunch. Many […]

Society6.com -> JHSINDESIGN

This past week I decided to check out the Society6 artist’s community/storefront. I have been shopping around for an online print and frame service for some of my photography anyway, so I decided, why not try a service that also connects artists together, similar to how the Blurb DIY book service does? So far, I […]

Favourite Places 2: Tempelhofer Feld -> Matthias Heiderich

Berlin based photographer and designer Matthias Heiderich is a master at minimalism and at setting a distinct melodramatic mood with his photography. I personally enjoy the muted palette that he achieves with his photo processing and his ability to balance his subject matter vs. the void. Brilliant work, more to see beyond the links below.
Visit -> http://www.behance.net/massju
Visit […]

Priceless Campout -> Steph Goralnick

NYC based photographer Steph Goralnick never fails to impress with her ability to capture seasonal events in a robust way. The photos above from a recent Summer camping/rafting trip are totally fun. Here in Seattle, we’ve been lucky to even approach 80°, so these images really make me long for Summer. I last posted in […]

Dirk Dallas -> iPhoneography

I’m having a lot of fun keeping up with Flickr contact and SoCal based designer Dirk Dallas lately on his photo stream. The majority of his colorful and atmospheric shots were taken with his iPhone and modified with various apps. He’s got a ton of fresh photos to check out. Nice way to discover apps […]

Photograph Composites -> Filip Dujardin

The peculiar works above are photography composites of various structures assembled by Belgium based artist Filip Dujardin. His special attention to light and shadow really amplify the illusion of these being actual physical realities, making them a pleasure to browse through. There are many more creations like these to be found on his portfolio site […]

Recent Photos -> Skiing Stevens Pass (PNW)

Most of my skiing experience prior to this year has come from the east coast. So, as you can guess I’ve been very excited to get in on the pacific northwest flavor of the sport. The best part about living in Seattle is that big mountain access is only a couple short hours away by […]

Color Stereo Photographs -> San Francisco 1906

I first heard news of these fascinating and newly discovered stereo photographs this morning on the local news while getting ready to head off to work. Taken to be viewed through a stereo-optic viewer, these images were captured by color photography pioneer Frederick Eugene Ives in 1906, about six months after the massively destructive ‘Great Quake’ […]

Marko Junttila -> Photography on DeviantART

I love these photos by Finland based Marko Junttila. I saw them posted on twitter the other day, I don’t know much about this artist or his work. I do know that he’s taken some amazing photography. Very inspiring. More beyond the link.
Visit -> http://markotapio.deviantart.com/
Visit -> http://www.markojunttila.net/

NYC Blizzard Photos -> Steph Goralnick

I’ve been following Brooklyn, NY based photographer Steph Goralnick on Flickr for a while now. Her photos are always amazingly candid, full of style and stand-out personality. Recently she posted an unbelievable collection of monotone night captures taken during one of New York’s unusually harsh winter storms… so nice! Many more to be found on her Flickr […]

2010 Holiday Photos -> JHSINDESIGN On Flickr

Over the holidays I took some time away from blogging, reading twitter updates and checking in with Facebook… pretty much all of my usual online activity was reduced to a minimum. It was nice. I spent Christmas with family in San Francisco at my sister’s place, ate WAY too much food, chased my nephews around […]

I ♥ Pummelvision -> Video Generator

My Pummelvision from James Schneider on Vimeo.

My Pummelvision from James Schneider on Vimeo.

Today I was very happy to discover a service called ‘Pummelvision’, and used it to make a video of my Facebook (top vid) and flickr photos (bottom vid). What a fun way to share your Flickr and Facebook photos in video format on […]

Happy Halloween -> iPhone Pics/Tumblr

Recently, I’ve been having a lot of fun posting to my ‘Chris Kalani’ themed Tumblr blog (Chris Kalani is the designer and creator of yayeveryday.com). For the most part I use the blog to post daily pics from my iPhone or some of my shots from my Canon 7D. Halloween is one of my favorite […]