David Ewald -> Photography Site Launch

Portland based photographer and designer David Ewald, recently launched a fresh new photography site that showcases his brilliant work. From cowboys, body builders, and musicians …to images of remote desolation, and cityscapes, you’ll find an array of arresting images awaiting your view.
Visit ->  http://ewaldphoto.com/
Older post -> http://circuitbreaks.com/

14 classic BMW grills -> Art Print

I was lucky to stumble across a classic BMW car club gathering this morning in West Seattle, along Alki beach. I quickly went home and grabbed my 7D and proceeded to get all up in their magnificent grills. After processing, I decided to upload a huge 50mb file to Society6 to make available as a […]

Simone Primo -> Multiple Exposure Portraits

I really enjoy the multiple exposure portrait photography coming from Simone Primo. The layering effect creates an airy, organic, and mysterious illusion that I can’t get enough of. Many more beautiful works beyond the link.
Visit -> http://simoneprimo.see.me/

Hard Graft -> Site Design

Hard Graft, the creator of fine Italian handmade leather goods, has a pretty nifty “eComm” site. A couple of notable features: the magnificent product photos, the super-duper dynamic product filtering (fun to play with, srsly), and the respectful attention paid to clarity and the simple telling of the product’s story. They seem to have the […]

Owen Perry -> Photography

Owen Perry is a photographer/designer based in Whistler, British Columbia. I really enjoy his outdoor photography set on 500px, lush landscapes flanked by endless pines and mountains, wonderfully captured with a bit of a retro feel. Very much worth checking out. Totally brings back childhood memories of my summers spent in Canada at my grandparents […]

Astro -> Time Lapse + Motion Control

Add this to the list of gizmos that I’ll want to throw into my camera bag. Great idea. Simple. You can pledge your support for the production of this magnificent device on Kickstarter via the link below.
Notes from Kickstarter page:
“Astro adds pan & tilt movement to your camera, and it allows you to set up […]

Thomas Jackson -> Photography

These surreal images captured by Providence, Rhode Island born Thomas Jackson are part of his series called ‘Emergent Behavior’. The offsetting subject matter is comprised of unexpected colorful everyday objects, that somehow make their surrounding environments seem otherworldly. Many more amazing images beyond the link.
Visit -> thomasjacksonphotography.com

Tumblr Archive -> Looking Back

This is literally a three month ‘snapshot’ of my life, via my Tumblr mobile photo blog. I consider my photo habit a ‘healthy distraction’. I like to look back at the months that have slipped away, and re-visit some of the moments that probably passed me by too quickly. Then again, don’t they all?
Visit -> […]

Teaching Guide -> Book Design

This very well designed, super clean book was designed by La caja de tipos, graphic design studio formed by María Sáez and Ander Sánchez. I love the moments of full bleed photography and all the intermissions of well organized objects, purposeful color and smart well placed typography… all favorite core design principals represented. Many more […]

Jim Kazanjian -> found photo composites

These are fantastic. Jim Kazanjian creates these amazing, ghostly black and white architectural images from found photographs. Definitely the product of hours of tedious meshing, blending and compositing. I’d say his efforts are completely worth it. You can purchase prints of these mysterious and imaginative works here.
Visit -> www.kazanjian.net/

Benoit Paillé -> Light Experimentation

I find these ‘Light Experimentations’ taken in northern Quebec to be very well captured and inspirational. Coming from a photographer who states “I hate landscape”, Benoit Paillé tries to create his own by modifying the environment with light. More beyond the link.
Visit -> http://www.behance.net/

Camel Trophy -> 20 best images

The photos above are my favorite selects from a great collection of photos that can be found on expeditionportal.com. The Camel Trophy, often called “the Olympics of 4×4” first began with the 1980 crossing of the Transamazonica highway. For off-road expedition enthusiasts, it’s a great batch of photography. The full set of twenty can be seen beyond […]

Mobile Photos -> Personal Musings

It’s been a while since I’ve shamelessly posted any of my own personal musings and photo experiments. My mobile photo updates are now part of my weekly routine on tumblr, wether it was a conscious decision or not, I’ll never know. It’s fun. Lately, I’m getting a kick out of flipping my images, a simple trick, […]

Indoor Clouds -> Berndnaut Smilde

Amazing lighting seen within these ‘Indoor Clouds’ by Amsterdam artist photographer Berndnaut Smilde. I’m curious about his process, I’ll try to dig up some information.
Excerpt from his Site:
“Berndnaut Smilde’s work often draws upon the physical presence of transitional spaces. Places such as corridors, elevators, staircases and balconies interest Smilde as spaces that exist to be in […]

Photographer -> Felix Odell

I’ve rediscovered the work of Stockholm based photographer Felix Odell this evening. His Buenos Aires photos (2010) were the first that caught my eye, but I’m absolutely captivated by ‘The Mist’ series of photos from 2009 as well. His whole collection is amazing and worth checking out.
Visit -> http://www.felixodell.com/