Neatly Organized -> Jim Golden

Jim Golden has taken the “things organized neatly” photography trend to a heightened artistic level with his still life series, that can be found on his portfolio site. He not only has his subject matter and styling dialed in, I find his spatial sensibilities to be absolutely pristine. Which, plucks at the heartstrings of my inner […]

Lauren Marsolier -> Photography

I think artist photographer Lauren Marsolier is a genius. His ability to detect healthy tension and strong composition in a seemingly sterile location is inspiring. It’s one thing to capture a beautiful photo from something that is interesting and captivating from the get go, it’s another to capture something beautiful and interesting from a location […]

Mobile Photos -> Personal Musings

It’s been a while since I’ve shamelessly posted any of my own personal musings and photo experiments. My mobile photo updates are now part of my weekly routine on tumblr, wether it was a conscious decision or not, I’ll never know. It’s fun. Lately, I’m getting a kick out of flipping my images, a simple trick, […]

Indoor Clouds -> Berndnaut Smilde

Amazing lighting seen within these ‘Indoor Clouds’ by Amsterdam artist photographer Berndnaut Smilde. I’m curious about his process, I’ll try to dig up some information.
Excerpt from his Site:
“Berndnaut Smilde’s work often draws upon the physical presence of transitional spaces. Places such as corridors, elevators, staircases and balconies interest Smilde as spaces that exist to be in […]

Photographer -> Felix Odell

I’ve rediscovered the work of Stockholm based photographer Felix Odell this evening. His Buenos Aires photos (2010) were the first that caught my eye, but I’m absolutely captivated by ‘The Mist’ series of photos from 2009 as well. His whole collection is amazing and worth checking out.
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Studio Neat -> Frames iPhone App

Studio Neat Made an App from Studio Neat on Vimeo.
This is guaranteed to bring hours of fun for those who love to dabble with stop motion and timelapse. Just an awesome app idea coming from Studio Neat.
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Delaney Allen -> Photography

The photography of Portland, Oregon based Delaney Allen is brilliant. Fantastic cloudscapes, rogue waves, mundane objects in extraordinary environments and even still moments that pull at one’s emotional heartstrings. It’s all there.
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We are Wild -> Emerging Photographers

‘We are wild’ is a great destination to discover emerging photographers. You get a good glimpse into their world as well as a bit of a story behind each mind that is producing the fantastic work. Above are some of my favorite shots from the Elizabeth Weinberg collection. So many amazing artists to discover, such […]

Argijale -> Flickr Photostream

One way to go about capturing a strong image is to be in an interesting place to begin with. I really enjoy Argijale’s Flickr photostream because he seems to constantly immerse himself in places and situations that make for interesting photography.
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Simon Harsent -> Iceberg Portraits

Photographer Simon Harsent’s thought provoking ‘Melt’ series of iceberg portraits fascinate me. At first glance they feel powerful and have a sense of permanence, but then those feelings are soon replaced by a darker reality, making them seem dismal and fragile. Aside all of that, they are amazingly captured and processed. Be sure to have […]

Seattle 2012 -> Snowstorm Photos

I haven’t had a lot of free time to post this week. I’ve been shoveling snow and taking photos of all the wild weather that we’ve been experiencing here in the Pacific NW. I’ve got a bunch of photos that I will be processing and posting over the next few days, and another good night […]

Screen Series -> Matthew Tischler

I came across Matthew Tischler’s photography works this morning while browsing my Tumblr dashboard. These images immediately caught my eye. Shooting through a screen is such a simple idea, but it creates a really fresh and familiar effect. His attention to color and composition takes his technique to an extra level. More to see on […]

Atelier Olschinsky -> Creative Studio

Design and artist duo Peter Olschinsky and Verena Weiss are based in Vienna, Austria. Their site is full of amazing examples of graphic design, illustration and photography. I really dig the above photos for their post processing and color work. There’s so much more to see on their portfolio site.
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Bryon Darby -> Flight Paths photo set

Byron Darby is a Northern Utah born and raised artist, with a focus in photography. The impressive composited image at the top called “Seventy Flights in Ninety Minutes” is the piece of his that originally caught my eye. His images are with no doubt the product of great persistence and planning. Many more fantastic examples […]

'Views' Photo Set -> Alberto Salván Zulueta

I really like the overall effect, technique and feel of the photography set called ‘Views’ by Alberto Salván Zulueta. Two significantly different views melded together to create an even more powerful and thought provoking image, that somehow feels comfortably whole and standalone. Many more via the link below.
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