Andi Mayr -> Landscape Photography

I really enjoy the landscape photography by German artist and designer Andi Mayr. His color work especially has my attention. Taking notes.
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Poler -> Brand Videos

Poler Unpack from Poler Outdoor Stuff on Vimeo.
I love the energy and style that Poler brings to the outdoor industry. Especially their video efforts, inspiring, playful and efficient, they surface the latest greatest products in their lineup. You can check out all of their vids on Vimeo.
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Owen Perry -> Photography

Owen Perry is a photographer/designer based in Whistler, British Columbia. I really enjoy his outdoor photography set on 500px, lush landscapes flanked by endless pines and mountains, wonderfully captured with a bit of a retro feel. Very much worth checking out. Totally brings back childhood memories of my summers spent in Canada at my grandparents […]

REI -> Flash 62 Pack 360° Visualizer

It’s tough trying to select a highly technical piece of outdoor gear online. Especially a heavy-duty pack designed specifically to carry even more technical gear, there’s a lot to consider and it almost becomes impossible to make a decision without seeing it up close and in-person. That’s why I really dig REI’s smart ‘Flash 62 […]

Quiet Camp Vibes -> Poler Camping Stuff

Quiet Camp Vibes from Poler Camping Stuff on Vimeo.
A friend of mine at work turned me on to Poler Outdoor Brand today …very cool and clever collection of outdoor products and clothing. I like the simple honest presentation of the brand. Have a look.
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Experiment No. 2 -> Backcountry Nest

Experiment No. 2 – Backcountry Nest from Shwood Eyewear on Vimeo.
Cool outdoor project coordinated by the folks at Shwood Eyewear (notes from Vimeo):
“Journey into the backwoods of Oregon with Eric Singer and crew to construct a community hideaway in the trees. The over sized nest is intended to inspire others to make the trek into […]