Thalmic Labs -> Wearable Gesture Control

MYO by Thalmic Labs seems to have limitless capabilities. Nice wearable gestural solution, all based on muscle flex response and position …one to keep an eye on. In many ways, it’s like using “the force”. May the force be with you.
Visit ->

Hard Graft -> Site Design

Hard Graft, the creator of fine Italian handmade leather goods, has a pretty nifty “eComm” site. A couple of notable features: the magnificent product photos, the super-duper dynamic product filtering (fun to play with, srsly), and the respectful attention paid to clarity and the simple telling of the product’s story. They seem to have the […]

Leap -> Gesture Navigation

It will be interesting to see how long it will take for the mouse to become completely irrelevant and go the way of our old fax machines, bulky external drives and desk phones. I suppose it all depends on how long we decided to hang on to our old ways… there’s a fax machine 30 […]

Try on a New Sofa -> Ikea Video

Ikea has always produced fresh/fun ways to promote and demo their new products online, which makes sense given that their in-store experience is all about doing just that. This video experience is pretty entertaining. The sets are probably the most impressive part to me, with each one so amazingly rich and well shot into. Cool […]

Sagmeister NYC -> Site Redesign

NYC based design agency ‘Sagmeister’ just launched their new website. I like their ‘real time’ bird’s eye view/fish eye lens video feed of the office, and the nice integration of their navigation on the hard wood floor. The site is super simple and easy to navigate and browse their fantastic design work. Stop by and […]

Converse -> Site Design Updates

I’ve been checking in with a bit lately because they have been making some fun updates to their site, I think I took notice of the updates early last Spring when they launched the custom shoe builder. Most recently they’ve added a pretty slick filter navigation on the homepage which helps to bubble up […]

Andreas Lutz -> Motion Navigation for Web

I’ve seen many hints of this technology coming to life and I’m excited to check this out. Basically it’s voice and motion based navigation for the web via your pre-existing computer mic, webcam and browser. Wouldn’t it be nice to sit in front of your home computer, say “… 36hr forecast” and have the computer […]

Dell's -> Beta Version

Along the same vein as other group/community blogs (like below) this grid-based designed blog ‘Motherboard’ designed by and sponsored by Dell Corporation focuses on technology, art/design, gaming, environment and a category they call ‘wonderful’ which is pretty much a catch-all for things that are… wonderful I guess. At first glance the content seems […]

AirWall -> Vodafone Store, Budapest

Don’t let the cheesy soundtrack discourage you, this is indeed pretty innovative stuff. ‘Air Wall’ is a gestural based navigation experience found in Budapest at Arena Plaza Vodafone storefront. I’m having trouble finding a website for the ‘Airwall’ manufacturer/developer but there is a link below to many more videos on YouTube. More details from the […]