Pacific Northwest -> Bokeh Pictures

This is a two part post really. One part, to make note of the fantastic photo narrative service that is, and the other to highlight Bokeh and their Pacific Northwest collection. The photo narrative is such simple and powerful way to tell stories. The exposure templates offer a range of sizing and layout that […]

Intention -> Designed By Apple

How do we want people to feel? Don’t confuse convenience with joy, or, abundance with choice… good design takes time… a nice thought provoking piece of branding coming from Apple. The motion graphics alone are worth checking out.

Poler -> Brand Videos

Poler Unpack from Poler Outdoor Stuff on Vimeo.
I love the energy and style that Poler brings to the outdoor industry. Especially their video efforts, inspiring, playful and efficient, they surface the latest greatest products in their lineup. You can check out all of their vids on Vimeo.
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Try on a New Sofa -> Ikea Video

Ikea has always produced fresh/fun ways to promote and demo their new products online, which makes sense given that their in-store experience is all about doing just that. This video experience is pretty entertaining. The sets are probably the most impressive part to me, with each one so amazingly rich and well shot into. Cool […]

Optimo -> Fine Hats

The ‘Optimo Fine Hats’ site experience is a terrific example of online branding, story telling and product display. They obviously want customers to come away with the understanding that Optimo hats are the real deal. Quality stuff. It will be interesting to see how they design out the online store.
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Unseen Photography -> Photo Fair

The super clean, well designed type design, promotional materials and web site for the Unseen Photo Fair in Amsterdam are a fine example of event branding. The Amsterdam based festival is a gathering of photography galleries displaying unseen works. Worth checking out.
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2011 Showreel -> Gerbren Boere

Nice 2011 showreel coming from the fresh motion graphic mind of Amsterdam based Gerbren Boere. Well worth the view, especially for those who love solid motion design.
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Intel -> Museum of Me

I know, this clever ‘Museum of Me’ Facebook content aggregate is spreading like wildfire right now via Facebook. To me it’s notable because it’s not only pulling through multiple types of content, but it’s pulling it in, in a way that’s not your typical grid based design. There’s dimension, layering and some nice parallax scrolling […]

Street Art View -> Google Street View

There have been a few corporate sponsored attempts in the last couple of years to build up a navigable global collection of graffiti and urban art in general. The first one that I took notice of was a mobile experience created by Adidas called ‘Urban Art Guide’, that experience was followed by a similar experience by Nike […]

RENFE 'Pop Up' Designs -> Lele Gestoso Saa

These pop-up designs created for RENFE’s (Spanish National Rail Network) new fleet of trains, by artist and designer Lele Gestoso Saa are pretty incredible and extremely entertaining to look over. I posted a little over a year ago about some of her designs under the creative group name called ‘Serial Cut’ but I had not seen […]

New Balance -> 365 'Daily Dose'

This is a smart campaign coming from New Balance. Tagging on to the whole ‘Lifetracking 365’ trend, they’ll be posting daily content for an entire year for people to check in and check out. I’m totally aware of what a huge undertaking this will be for them after watching my wife go through her own 365 […]

Uniqlo -> Heattech/Down Storefronts

Urban clothing company Uniqlo always delivers a little more that expected when it comes to displaying their online collections on what they call ‘special sites’, this season is no exception. Uniqlo has two really interesting ‘special sites’ sites up for the upcoming holiday season that you should check out. One featuring their cool weather clothing […]

Adidas Originals -> Facebook Blog

2 million+ people have become a fan of Adidas’s Facebook group page called ‘Adidas Originals’. I wanted to make quick mention of the experience b/c it’s very smart and inline with some of my own thoughts on how to maximize a brands FB presence. It functions as a cross marketing/brand building vehicle for Adidas conveniently […]

'Editors' -> Band Hacks Google Street View

I took notice of this campaign on the Creative’s website last week. At first I was kind of feeling underwhelmed, but after letting the idea render in my head for a while I’ve decided it is a pretty innovative digital marketing approach even if there are very few exposures to be had from it. […]