20 New Recommended Photographers: March 2016 -> jhsindesign

I was lucky to have my EyeEm photography and profile featured in their ’20 New Recommended Photographers: March 2016′. It’s amazing how this feature has increased my profile activity on EyeEm, as well as inspire me to capture and post more photos. I’ve experienced a little productivity boom in recent weeks. Just goes to show for all aspects […]

What I Did Last Summer -> My Daily Photos

I know, it’s only August 5th. I’m not trying to rush us through the season, I haven’t posted in a long while and I thought it would be nice to celebrate the magnificent weather we’ve been having up here in the PAC NW. After all, it’s what has been keeping me from posting. […]

iPhone 4s -> Photos

Since I traded in the old iPhone 3gs for the new iPhone 4s, my photo taking productivity has increased significantly. That’s the good thing. The bad thing is that my photo taking productivity has increased significantly and I haven’t touched my Canon 7D in weeks! I’ve found that the new 8MP camera and optics have really […]

JHSINDESIGN: Night Life project -> Behance

After blogging about dozens of artists and designers that I’ve found on www.behance.net, I finally decided to set up a profile of my own. The first project of mine that I decided to upload is also one of my longest going; a collection of long exposure night photos that I have been building up for […]

Photography Update -> Shooting the Canon EOS 7D

I’m happy to report that I received my long awaited Canon EOS 7D in the mail from B&H Camera last Thursday and I’ve been tinkering with it ever since, despite a head cold and some pretty drippy and unusually cold weather (for August). Right out of the box I knew I had made the right […]

Seattle Photo Update -> JHSINDESIGN

Here are some recent highlights from my ‘So Far Seattle’ photo set on Flickr. The city of Seattle continues to throw me amazing photo opportunities. I’ve been sticking to mostly urban shots lately but I plan to broaden my subject matter this summer by venturing into some of the amazing mountain parks and shoreline areas.  I’ll keep […]

Real Time/Anolog Digital Clock -> Maarten Baas

If you find it difficult to take your eyes away from the clock normally, then you may not want to view this memorizing animation by designer Maarten Baas. Each digital number graphic is updated “manually” by a very small figure who seemingly exists within the clock itself. Very fun, worth a view.
Visit -> http://www.maartenbaas.com/

'So Far Seattle' -> Photo Book Concept

It’s been almost 6 months since I moved to Seattle, I’ve taken a lot of pictures of this amazing city so far. Two weeks ago I realized that I had almost 100 Seattle photos up on Flickr already, so I decided to test print an 84 page photo book to see how it would come […]