from physical to digital -> Fujitsu Laboratories

This is an interesting touch-like interface that seems to bridge the gap between the physical content world (books, magazines, notes…) and the digital world. The highly accurate fingertip mapping allows the user to conduct some common gestural actions in the real world, transferring data to the digital world.
“We think paper and many other objects could […]

REVEL -> Reverse Electrovibration

The interactive concept called REVEL (name coming from reverse elctrovibration technology) is absolutely astonishing. Created by by Olivier Bau and Ivan Poupyrev, in collaboration with Mathieu Le Goc, Laureline Galliot, and Matthew Glisson at Disney research, the experience actually enhances the user’s tactile perception. In simple terms, it changes the *feel* of a physical surface, e.g., allowing a smooth tea pot to […]

Touch Time -> Phosphor Digital Watches

This is an interesting Kickstarter project for a touch interface wrist watch design, created by the founder of Fossil watches, Donald Brewer and ex Nike + designer, Stefan Andren. I like that the design allows you to select from 7 different watch dial displays, it’s also nice that you don’t have to charge or […]

Sharp AQUOS -> Android Smartphone

Sharp AQUOS Android Smartphone – Feel UX from frog on Vimeo.
Overall this looks like a promising new design coming from Frog + Sharp AQUOS for Android. I like the dashboard and the ability to add breakers to help organize different types of apps or content. There seem to be some little bits of hidden functionality that […]

Leap -> Gesture Navigation

It will be interesting to see how long it will take for the mouse to become completely irrelevant and go the way of our old fax machines, bulky external drives and desk phones. I suppose it all depends on how long we decided to hang on to our old ways… there’s a fax machine 30 […]

SketchSynth -> Drawable OSC Control Surface

Notes from Site:
“SketchSynth lets anyone create their own control panels with just a marker and a piece of paper. Once drawn, the controller sends Open Sound Control (OSC) messages to anything that can receive them; in this case, a simple synthesizer running in Pure Data. It’s a fun toy that also demonstrates the possibilities of adding […]

NUIverse -> MSFT Surface 2012

Amazing multimodal and gestural advancements coming from MSFT, utylizing their Surface technology. I love the additional functionality that comes with the transparent chips. Very inspiring to those who are noodling with interface design/technology.

Facebook Timeline -> First impressions

I’ve got to say, things were looking pretty grim for ol’ Facebook when Google+ rolled out. G+ seemed to offer up some pretty nice enhancements to the social networking space with ‘circles’ and being able to follow non-friends, similar to Twitter. For me though, it lacked in the area of visual presentation, other than the […]

Emulator 1.5 -> Audio Interface

I really dig this new digital audio interface called Emulator 1.5, designed for Traktor 2. The ‘tronish lightscreen’ interface feels super clean and something of a circa 1980s sci-fi throwback. In a very good way. I’m usually not a fan of too many interface colors competing for a user’s attention, but this execution demands it, […]

B-Reel -> 'TRE' video based sales interface

This is a very interesting and futuristic eCommerce touch interface concept for use as a way to bridge the gap from an in-store experience to an online sales experience. The design was created by a Swedish mobile production company called B-Reel and the product is called ‘TRE’. I think the interface, as ‘minority report’ as it […]

76 Synthesizer -> iPad App Concept

The above life-like synth iPad app concept was created by talented designer and developer Jonas Eriksson, based in Sweden and Los Angeles. Myself being a bit of a musician, I love to see great app design that is inspired by retro analog recording equipment, tube amps and other old school audio interfaces. That kind of aesthetic […]

Skinput: Projected Interface -> Chris Harrison

Interaction designers have their work cut out for themselves these days, for sure. We’ve got a multitude of iPads, tablets, E-Readers, a bazillion different mobile phone devices, internet TV and many other untapped experimental multimodel, voice and gestural interactions to think about and design interfaces for. In addition to all of that, there’s this intriguing projection based interface […]

Augmented City 3D -> Keiichi Matsuda

Augmented City 3D from Keiichi Matsuda on Vimeo.
This is an entertaining and well visualized concept by Keiichi Matsuda. Lot’s of little sci-fi AR details, some interesting ideas around the ability to enhance one’s environment, some fun UI… all dipped in an old school vat of 3D… Where did I put those glasses? Worth a view.
Visit […]

iWatch Concept -> ADR Studio

To me, there is nothing better than a well visualized concept. You can put something down in words, discuss it or wireframe it out for months, even years, but until you render an idea in a way that’s true to life it’s difficult to fully understand the potential. The ‘iWatch’ concept by Naples based ADR […]

Strukt -> Interactive Showreel

Strukt Interactive Showreel Spring 2010 from Gregor Hofbauer on Vimeo.
The video and imagery above are from Strukt Design Studio’s latest interactive show reel, and it makes me feel very excited for what the future holds for us all. Personally, if I could surround myself with HD projectors, touchscreens and mapping software and maybe a couple […]