Experiments in Speed -> Spindle Productions

As you can see from the last few posts, I have bicycle on the brain this summer. One more… This is a true testament to the creative spirit, and the natural human instinct and hunger to push forward. Pun intended. Great story, well told.
Visit -> donhoubicycles.com
Visit -> spindleproductions.co.uk

Libero Rutilo -> Rotary Hydroponic System

This is a terrific looking rotary hydroponic system designed by industrial designer Libero Rutilo. The origin of the rotary design stems from NASA, in an effort to design sustainable garden systems that would provide fresh food for extended tours in space. This design looks like it would fit right into our earthly needs. More info, […]

from physical to digital -> Fujitsu Laboratories

This is an interesting touch-like interface that seems to bridge the gap between the physical content world (books, magazines, notes…) and the digital world. The highly accurate fingertip mapping allows the user to conduct some common gestural actions in the real world, transferring data to the digital world.
“We think paper and many other objects could […]

inkscapes -> interactive drawing

inkscapes from Adrià Navarro on Vimeo.
Notes from Vimeo:
“An interactive drawing performance designed for the 120 by 11 feet video wall at the InterActive Corps (IAC) building in New York.
Three artists draw on their iPads to create new content every time the piece runs. The narrative is guided through the dialog between performers and the giant […]

Romotow -> Mobile Living Space

New Zealand based company Romotow has patented this innovative take on mobile living space design. The entire mid section swings out 90 degrees to reveal a clever, cleanly designed outdoor living space. Taking only three minutes to set up, this is an amazing design feature for car camping enthusiasts. Many more interesting features beyond the […]

Cleveland Museum of Art -> Interactive Experience

ArtLens – Visitor Created Tour – Cleveland Museum of Art from Local Projects on Vimeo.
I’m really excited to see this kind of innovation happening in my home town of Cleveland, Ohio. Especially at the amazing Cleveland Art Museum, one of my favorite places in Cleveland, outside of my parent’s kitchen table. The video above was […]

FIREFLY -> samadhi production

FIREFLY from samadhi production on Vimeo.
The combination of the RC Helicopter bird’s-eye view footage, LED bottom-lit skateboard, and beautifully captured night scenery makes this video an innovative work of art, if you ask me. After viewing, I really want one of those nifty Jamcopters (link below). Super fun, super inspirational, geeky stuff.
Making of video -> http://vimeo.com/55086619
JamCopters -> http://www.jamcopters.cz/
Visit […]

Lapka -> Personal Environment Monitors

The small, beautifully designed devices above are actually high tech personal environment monitors, created by Lapca. Based on the information I’ve gathered from the website, they track and monitor everything from humidity levels, to radiation and air pressure. The devices also seem to be wearable, and combined with the app, there are elements of gamification […]

ZeroN -> computer controlled magnetic levitation

ZeroN – Levitated Interaction Element from Jinha Lee on Vimeo.
Notes from Vimeo:
“What if materials could defy gravity, so that we could leave them suspended in mid-air and freely control them? ZeroN is a physical and digital interaction element that floats and moves in space by computer-controlled magnetic levitation. Both the computer and people can move […]

Firewall -> Aaron Sherwood

Firewall from Aaron Sherwood on Vimeo.
The overall effect coming from this interactive installation, created by media artist Aaron Sherwood is extremely vivid and fresh. (via thisiscolossal.com)
Notes from Vimeo:
“An interactive media installation created in collaboration with Mike Allison. A stretched sheet of spandex acts as a membrane interface sensitive to depth that people can push into […]

Salto Architects -> Fast Track

I want to go to this place, leap, and bound to the point of complete physical exhaustion. This 51m track, created by Salto Architects, is located in Nikola-Lenivets, Russia, and is a sort of trampoline, people expressway. srsly, looks like fun. You can find out more information beyond the link below. (via aetherapparel/journal.com)
Notes from website:
“Fast track” […]

spider projection -> Friedrich Van Schoor

spider projection from Friedrich van Schoor on Vimeo.
German designer Friedrich Van Schoor captured the natural motion of a real spider, then scaled it up just enough to make it horribly terrifying to the unsuspecting folks passing below. The video starts off by showing some of his initial sketches, the scale model with the live spider […]

IDEO + Food -> Genius Curry Crawl

IDEO + Food Genius Curry Crawl from IDEO on Vimeo.
Fun concept coming from the clever minds at IDEO, taking the idea of “food truck” to the next level. Kind of a roaming, tweeting, eating, ratings and reviews, curry killing, operation. Have a look.

City Symphonies -> Westminster

City Symphonies – Westminster from Mark McKeague on Vimeo.
Notes from Vimeo:
“Can the city become a symphony? Electric cars are increasingly using synthesised sounds in order to mimic the traditional noise of the internal combustion engine. I explore an alternative in which the sound that the cars generate changes according to its relationship to other road […]

SketchSynth -> Drawable OSC Control Surface

Notes from Site:
“SketchSynth lets anyone create their own control panels with just a marker and a piece of paper. Once drawn, the controller sends Open Sound Control (OSC) messages to anything that can receive them; in this case, a simple synthesizer running in Pure Data. It’s a fun toy that also demonstrates the possibilities of adding […]