Thinking is Fun -> Davis Silis

Thinking Is Fun from Davis Silis on Vimeo.

Brilliantly ridiculous. Well executed retro style complete with old diagrams and even the appearance of a cigar and martini. What else do you need to help conjure up some really smashing ideas? This is definitely my brand of humor.

What Type Are You? -> Pentagram

The above screens are taken from an entertaining experience designed and created by world class marketing agency ‘Pentagram’. In short, you add your name, watch a few video segments, answer a few questions and eventually get the result of what font best suits your personality. A pretty fun and well designed experience if you’re into […]

Thom Kerr -> Photography

From classic pin up shots to new wave fantasy, Australia based photographer Thom Kerr has got a collection of work on his über quirky and refreshing portfolio site that will be sure to keep you entertained and clicking around for a long while. UFOs, zebra, girls with swords, undersea adventures and moments of grandiose interstellar […]

Christmas Sweater Collection -> Lars Holdhus

The whole nostalgic humorous ‘Christmas Sweater’ phenomenon is just a fun once a year holiday party garnish for most of us, for Holland’s Lars Holdhus it seems that he has taken this idea much further and has a huge collection of sweaters + an impressive site to view them all at. He’s also looking to […]

Wai Fong Fung -> Action Figure Photography

The other day I came across Wai Fong Fung’s unusual but refreshing Flickr stream. His imagination, vast collection of action figures from all genres and brilliant sense of humor have all been key in contributing to his quirky photography. His merge of everyday scenarios with not-so-everyday characters produces some really entertaining subject matter. If you’re […]

Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc. -> Chris Cairns

Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc. from Chris Cairns on Vimeo.
This incredible short was written and directed by Chris Cairns and produced by Bonnie Anthony. In short, it’s proof that a few heads (not just two) are better than one. There are a few ‘production stills’ on their website, along with detailed credits that you should check […]

iMated -> Fun iPhone App

My mad scientists friends over at Minneapolis based agency SevnthSin have taken the phrase “there’s an app for that” to a whole new, slightly disturbing level by creating an iPhone app that will mate you and your best BFFs with just a few simple taps and limited necessary contact. Take a pic of yourself, then […]