14 classic BMW grills -> Art Print

I was lucky to stumble across a classic BMW car club gathering this morning in West Seattle, along Alki beach. I quickly went home and grabbed my 7D and proceeded to get all up in their magnificent grills. After processing, I decided to upload a huge 50mb file to Society6 to make available as a […]

Personal top 5 -> Mobile pics 2012

2012 was another full year of ‘mobile’ photo snapping. I decided to look through and pull together a very light minded “top 5” from the few hundred or so photos that I’ve posted to my tumblr blog. They may not be the best photos from this year, but they’re my favorite of the bunch. Many […]

Mini Ghettoblaster -> Mini Schweiz

I dig this super extra large “mini” ghettoblaster promo for the International Radio Festival in Zurich featured by Mini Schweiz. Taking Papercraft to the extreme, from the photos on it’s Behance page, you can see it brings some serious character to the surrounding environment that it’s placed in.
Visit -> www.draftfcb.eu/ch/kreation/

Subterranean Homesick Blues -> Hand Lettering

This is a nice personal project by graphic designer Leandro Senna. Taking a Bob Dylan classic and rendering out the lyrics by hand. Seems like a fitting way to do it. Makes for a fun Friday view.
Visit -> http://leandrosenna.com/

FlipBoard + Levi's -> Social eComm

FlipBoard has become one of my favorite places to browse, feed + share on Saturday mornings, with coffee in hand. It’s pretty much a ritual at this point. I really like that they’ve decided to explore the eCommerce space by creating a simple but content rich shoppable catalog, the first, above featuring a smart collection […]

iPad -> Typewriter landscape

For those of us who insist on trying to turn our iPads into laptops, with keyboard and mouse accessories… why not just take it to the next level and get all old school with it? Very fun little invention.

DL Skateboards -> Brooklyn New York

Cool Hunting Video Presents: DL Skateboards from Cool Hunting on Vimeo.
Nice short documentary by Cool Hunting Video on one of the many small local businesses to be found in Brooklyn, New York theses days. It always amazes me, the endless high quality one-of-a-kind products that these little ‘mom and pop’ style businesses are producing. Skateboards, […]

octofeed -> clean design Facebook timeline

This is what my Facebook timeline looks like when under the influence of ‘octofeed’. Just log into octofeed.com with your Facebook password and just like that, your timeline and newsfeed will render with this slick design. It’s actually pretty nice, inspiring even. Makes you wonder why Facebook has yet to implement custom themes into the […]

Mobile Photos -> Personal Musings

It’s been a while since I’ve shamelessly posted any of my own personal musings and photo experiments. My mobile photo updates are now part of my weekly routine on tumblr, wether it was a conscious decision or not, I’ll never know. It’s fun. Lately, I’m getting a kick out of flipping my images, a simple trick, […]

Where Things Come From -> Hardy Seiler

This animated short by Hannover, Germany based designer Hardy Seiler is beautifully done. Nice motion, illustration, clever transitions, interesting dialogue and overall message.  Have a look.
Notes from Vimeo:
“I just finished my Bachelor project – a short animated trailer for a fictional education tv-series.”
Visit -> hardyseiler.de

Soviet Cameras -> Retronaut.co

Retronaut.co is a ridiculously great source of browsing entertainment. If you’re into all things retro… cars, products, events, people, places, you’ll have a good time checking out the content on their site. The Soviet camera collection is pretty impressive. I’d love to get my hands on an original Lomo.
Visit -> http://www.retronaut.co/

Things Organized Neatly -> Tumblr

This is a fun Tumblr blog appropriately named ‘Things Organized Neatly’, perfect for fellow OCD’ers out there who obsess over clean lines and clarity of arrangement, balance and relationship. On a good day my desk, coffee table and the floor of my closet resemble some of these finely tuned arrangements of stuff. Have a look.
Visit […]

The First Day -> Hello Stranger

It’s never too late to say happy new year, well, maybe April is too late. Regardless, I really enjoy the overall vibe of this ‘Happy New Year’ video produced by ‘Hello Stranger’. The timelapse fwd and back, fireworks and zippy soundtrack make this a fun view, any time of the year.
Visit -> www.wearehellostranger.com/

Studio Neat -> Frames iPhone App

Studio Neat Made an App from Studio Neat on Vimeo.
This is guaranteed to bring hours of fun for those who love to dabble with stop motion and timelapse. Just an awesome app idea coming from Studio Neat.
Get App -> http://itunes.apple.com/app/frames
Visit -> http://www.studioneat.com/