Fort Builder -> Jay Nelson

The things you can make with salvaged redwood fence boards, and a little free-spirited creative thinking. Makes for a nice story, and there’s a whole community of DIY’ers to be found beyond the link below.
Visit ->

Snapguide -> DIY Guide App

We all like our projects, the things that keep us busy and entertain our minds. I’ve been spending a lot of time in my garden this spring and I’ve found sites like Pinterest and Tumblr to be very inspirational, but sometimes I have a tough time finding the ‘how to’ or instructional to actually create […]

iPhone Paper Dock / Stand -> Julien Madérou

I think it’s interesting how some simple ideas when well executed can become extremely popular and pass around virally to thousands of people at lightning speed, this DIY paper iPod dock designed by Julien Madérou is no exception. You’ve probably seen this already, I wanted to make note of it here on CircuitBreaks because it […]

NIKEiD -> Configurator

No surprise. Nike is still king of personalization, customization and the online configurator. I quickly designed the above shoe on Nike’s latest configurator for the NIKEiD line with ease. I liked the outcome so much that I decided to save the design for a possible future purchase. Some other nice things I like about this […]

Power Glove 20th Anniversary -> DIY by Matt Mechtley

Power Glove 20th Anniversary Edition — Build Video from Matt Mechtley on Vimeo.
I spent about 6 years designing and developing games for a small company on the east coast and this fellow reminds me of some of the amazing folks I used to spend the majority of my time with. What he is doing here […]