Paper iPad app -> FiftyThree

Notes from Vimeo:
“Paper is where ideas begin. It’s the easiest and most beautiful way to create on the new iPad. Capture your ideas as sketches, diagrams, illustrations, notes or drawings and instantly share them across the web. Download “Paper by FiftyThree” free from the App Store. #madewithpaper”
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Kickstarter -> Vuelta: Padron Watch Co.

Kickstarter is an amazing phenomenon isn’t it? It allows brilliant people to bring their ideas to life by raising the funds to make it happen, this example is no exception. The beautiful wrist watch design above called ‘Vuelta’, was created by Leo Padron, founder of the Minneapolis based Padron Watch Company. His passion and knowledge for restoring Swiss and […]

2011 Showreel -> Gerbren Boere

Nice 2011 showreel coming from the fresh motion graphic mind of Amsterdam based Gerbren Boere. Well worth the view, especially for those who love solid motion design.
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76 Synthesizer -> iPad App Concept

The above life-like synth iPad app concept was created by talented designer and developer Jonas Eriksson, based in Sweden and Los Angeles. Myself being a bit of a musician, I love to see great app design that is inspired by retro analog recording equipment, tube amps and other old school audio interfaces. That kind of aesthetic […]

Dave Ewald -> Life Photography on Flickr

Former Saint Paul, MN, current Portland, OR designer Dave Ewald has been adding to his Flickr stream lately with what he modestly describes as ‘proof of life’ photography. Some of my favorite shots from his collection (shown above) were taken in 2009 at the ‘Pendleton Round-Up’, one of the ten largest rodeos in the world that […]

Ogaki Typeface -> Áron Jancsó Type Posters

This week was kind of an interesting week in type design. After watching Gap inc completely flop the introduction of a wildly new and obscenely corporate logo for themselves -> check out some of the backlash: – …pretty amazing. You wonder how these things can happen when there are so many well designed typeface options out […]

eBoy -> iPhone App Preview

eBoy FixPix [iPhone] – Preview from CreativeApplications.Net on Vimeo.
I’ve been a fan of eBoy since they emerged from a different planet in 1997. I remember how unique their style of stacking pixels seemed to me at the time. Now, unless you’ve been living in a pixel-less cave somewhere their work has become fairly common and […]

What Type Are You? -> Pentagram

The above screens are taken from an entertaining experience designed and created by world class marketing agency ‘Pentagram’. In short, you add your name, watch a few video segments, answer a few questions and eventually get the result of what font best suits your personality. A pretty fun and well designed experience if you’re into […]

Designer -> Pablo Alfieri

If you only have time to check out one design related site this week, I would say Buenos Aires based designer Pablo Alfieri’s updated portfolio site would be from the top of my list to choose. Along with the smooth site experience you’ll find a ton of fresh, vivid on-trend work that is certain to […]

Decadence Group -> Poster Print

Sometimes I come across works that I really feel compelled to post here even though I have little info or background to share on them. The above posters designed for a Russian restaurant/nightclub conglomerate are of no exception. I was pulled in by the unique, almost alien graphic as it plays spatially with the […]

North Kingdom -> Showreel 2009

North Kingdom Showreel 2009 from Designchapel on Vimeo.
The reputable and accomplished design group ‘North Kingdom’, founded by Robert Lindström (Design Chapel) and Andreas Pihlström has released their 2009 showreel. As always the graphics and overall design and motion are super clean inventive and highly inspirational. Definately worth a view or two if you’re working in […]

Graphic Nothing -> Gary Clarke

I dig the minimalist poster print designs coming from English designer Gary Clarke. His works, sometimes described as “Retro Futuristic Folk Graphics” are bare boned and seemingly unobstructed by afterthought. Clean and bold, these prints will most definitely demand attention in the busiest of spaces. You can purchase his designs at his Etsy store via […]

Neil Shrubb -> Vector Artist

I find Australia based artist Neil Shrubb’s vector drawings to be really impressive because of the many layers of insanely detailed reflective line, light and color that he captures. He takes fairly everyday scenarios and renders them in a way that they become instantly fantastical and intriguing. He’s got a great range of work on […]

Will Etling -> Designer/Photographer

I originally Google’d Will Etling beacause I received my latest issue of ‘GOOD’ magazine in the mail last week and I instantly ♥’d the front cover design and paper styling. Once I got there I noticed that Will Etling also shares my ♥ for night photography… and I really enjoyed his work. So I switched […]