IDEO + Food -> Genius Curry Crawl

IDEO + Food Genius Curry Crawl from IDEO on Vimeo.
Fun concept coming from the clever minds at IDEO, taking the idea of “food truck” to the next level. Kind of a roaming, tweeting, eating, ratings and reviews, curry killing, operation. Have a look.

Camel Trophy -> 20 best images

The photos above are my favorite selects from a great collection of photos that can be found on The Camel Trophy, often called “the Olympics of 4×4” first began with the 1980 crossing of the Transamazonica highway. For off-road expedition enthusiasts, it’s a great batch of photography. The full set of twenty can be seen beyond […]

Jogja Hip Hop Foundation -> Intel

This beautifully shot documentary by executive creative director Richard Gordecky, sponsored by Intel, captures the Jogja Hip Hop Foundation (Indonesia). Stunning visuals and positive messages throughout. Definitely worth 7 minutes of your time.
Visit ->
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itdrewitself -> Meggs x Lister x Kid-Zoom

MEGGS x LISTER x KID-ZOOM from itdrewitself on Vimeo.
Nice documentary style and some really nice artwork.
Notes from Vimeo:
“When three renowned Australian street artists all independently visited the UK in June, Very Nearly Almost organised a meet up and invited us to produce a video documenting the day. Featuring Meggs, Lister and Kid Zoom.”
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Visit […]

Viva Magazine -> iPad App Release

Amsterdam based agency ‘Resoluut’ looks to have designed a very clean and fresh iPad app for women’s pop culture/style magazine ‘Viva’. The video demo boasts some elegant integration of video, casual gaming, and enhanced articles containing lots of nice layers to explore. Not exactly the kind of content that I’m into, but I’ll be downloading it anyway, […]

The Qualities of Light -> L.A. Artist 'Visual Displays'

I think what I like best about the videography work coming from L.A. based ‘The Qualities of Light’ is the diversity and freshness of their content. The following excerpt from their website manifesto say’s it all, “visual displays to highlight the lives of inspiring people or organizations within the Los Angeles area”. There are only […]

So Far Seattle -> Photo Book (full preview)

I’ve posted about my photo book project a couple of times here on, and I’m now posting to let you all know that it’s finally up for a full preview and if you really, really dig it… for purchase on I had a great time taking the pics, pulling them all together and […]

3d Graffiti -> Graffiti Technica

I don’t have a ton to say here about the many beautiful renderings by ‘Graffiti Technica’ other than I ♥ them. Their latest video update is perfection, from the simple type lockups, subtle dream state music, surreal minimalist arty landscape and then the big finish with the 3D graffiti tag mysteriously hovering like a UFO […] -> Web Magazine

If you’re looking for a new online resource for design, art, music, culture and fashion you may want to check out I like the simplicity of the site’s template which allows the imagery to speak loudly and not become diluted by a heavy site skin. The categories are pretty interesting as well, covering everything […]

Napoleón Vuelaenpartes -> Design/Poster Prints

I really enjoy Napoleón Vuelaenpartes’ genius fusion of old school skate, retro silk screen illustration and Star Wars imagery. In my opinion, he could keep playing around with those ingredients endlessly, I don’t think I’d ever get bored of them. Nice colors, textures, fresh illustration and type… Have a look via the link below.
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The Mentawai -> Joey Lawrence Documentary

The Mentawai, Behind the Scenes Documentary from Joey L on Vimeo.
Super talented, Brooklyn based photographer Joey Lawrence shares his incredible behind the scenes footage of The Mentawai tribe during his photo shoot in Siberut, Indonesia. The whole trip looks like it was an amazing adventure and makes for a very entertaining/interesting view. Be sure to […]

Heart and Soul of NYC -> Kevin Couliau

Red Cafe – Heart and Soul of New York City by K1X from K1X on Vimeo.
This video reminds me of all the time I spent watching b-ball games just outside the West 4th street station in the village. Just killing time, in the summer, in NYC, there really is no place like it. It’s a […]

Seattle Camper Vans -> Continued...

If you frequent my blog, which is wishful thinking on my part, you may have noticed the radio silence over the last few days. A couple of times a year I actually get to see my parents in person. This past weekend they were able to come out for a visit and it was their […]

13th Witness -> Flickr Photostream

While browsing some of my favorite Flickr contacts last night I came across some new stuff by Brooklyn based photographer Timothy McGurr aka ’13th Witness’ and decided to post some of them. His work is consistently captivating, diverse, memorable… and he always manages to capture the most genuine of moments. He definitely gives me something […]