Fort Builder -> Jay Nelson

The things you can make with salvaged redwood fence boards, and a little free-spirited creative thinking. Makes for a nice story, and there’s a whole community of DIY’ers to be found beyond the link below.
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Ben Proudfoot -> ink&paper

ink&paper from Ben Proudfoot on Vimeo.
This nicely done short documentary covers the oldest and last traditional, old technology letterpress and custom artist paper establishments in L.A. The story is well told and gives us a view into the working process and the modern day struggles of both these lost trades.
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Kenton Slash Demon -> Daemon by Dark Matters

Kenton Slash Demon – Daemon from Dark Matters on Vimeo.
Notes From Vimeo:
“On their quest for creating classic computer effects without the computer, Dark Matters continues the analogue feel from the “Matter” video. The new Kenton Slash Demon video, Deamon is the take on analogue wireframes in the same naive universe. An abstract space opera about […]

UnitedFakes -> Handcraft Love Land

Handcraft Love Land from UnitedFakes on Vimeo.
Design group ‘UnitedFakes’ is yet another fine example of ‘Handcraft’, ‘Popcraft’, ‘Designcraft’, whatever we’re calling this trend in paper craft design. Seen here in their ambitious design project titled ‘Handcraft Love Land’, you see bustling streets, smoky chimneys and wonderfully detailed layers of Urban terrain that seem to spill […]

Nick Sambrato's -> KLUGE Letterpress

KLUGE from Northern Lights on Vimeo.
Nick Sambrato takes the term ‘traditional medium’ to a whole new level by embracing a technology that is almost 550 years old. He operates a massive and complex machine called the KLUGE letterpress. The video is well produced, entertaining and informative. It’s nice to see folks putting their heart and […]