Landings at San Diego Int Airport -> Cy Kuckenbaker

Landings at San Diego Int Airport Nov 23, 2012 from Cy Kuckenbaker on Vimeo.
I love this. Cy Kuckenbaker, capturing footage of the world we live in, in a way that reveals some unsettling realities.
Notes from Cy Kuckenbaker’s website:
“Photography and Film professor Cy Kuckenbaker from San Diego, California captured five hours of landings at the San Diego […]

Jim Kazanjian -> found photo composites

These are fantastic. Jim Kazanjian creates these amazing, ghostly black and white architectural images from found photographs. Definitely the product of hours of tedious meshing, blending and compositing. I’d say his efforts are completely worth it. You can purchase prints of these mysterious and imaginative works here.
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Satori' Animation -> Abhilasha Dewan

Satori from Abhilasha Dewan on Vimeo.
I really dig the overall effect of this cleverly composited animation short by Abhilasha Dewan, inspired by the misty mountains of Nainital, India. Lot’s of great subtle shading and filtering, his use of photography to add depth and dimension to the illustration is just awesome. Very inspiring piece.

Bryon Darby -> Flight Paths photo set

Byron Darby is a Northern Utah born and raised artist, with a focus in photography. The impressive composited image at the top called “Seventy Flights in Ninety Minutes” is the piece of his that originally caught my eye. His images are with no doubt the product of great persistence and planning. Many more fantastic examples […]

'Views' Photo Set -> Alberto Salván Zulueta

I really like the overall effect, technique and feel of the photography set called ‘Views’ by Alberto Salván Zulueta. Two significantly different views melded together to create an even more powerful and thought provoking image, that somehow feels comfortably whole and standalone. Many more via the link below.
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Thomas Couderc & Clément Vauchez ->

One of the more inspiring portfolios that I have seen in a long time is coming from France based design duo Thomas Couderc & Clément Vauchez. Everything from photo composite fine art prints to beautifully designed, energetic typography poster concepts, their portfolio site is a great destination to harvest some fresh ideas.
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Photograph Composites -> Filip Dujardin

The peculiar works above are photography composites of various structures assembled by Belgium based artist Filip Dujardin. His special attention to light and shadow really amplify the illusion of these being actual physical realities, making them a pleasure to browse through. There are many more creations like these to be found on his portfolio site […]

'Netherland' Collage Art -> David Van Alphen

Chicago based artist and gallery curator David “Netherland” van Alphen is the creator of these wonderfully obscure 1970s charged collage works. Consistent in theme and playfully nostalgic, his site makes for an entertaining and inspirational place to click around. You can also purchase some of his prints here.
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A Cloud for Climbing -> Icarus: Returning

I’m really feeling the above graphic composite created for a Flagstaff, Arizona based musician called ‘A Cloud for Climbing’. From the amazing music sample that I’ve heard, the image compliments their sound really well, part digi-tech, part natural acoustic and an array of beats and dub sounds. I’m intrigued already, and plan to check out […]

Creative Imagery 'Zefiro Torna' -> Lieven Dirckx

These stunning photographic images by Lieven Dirckx remind me of the rich, deep, luminescent ‘old master’ oil paintings that I’ve spent time in front of, with jaw dropped, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The works by Rembrandt in particular come to mind… Only, these images venture into a very surreal and dreamlike place and […]

Ben.MaZUé -> Obama

Ben.MaZUé – Obama from JUL & MAT on Vimeo.
I studied French for a couple years in school, unfortunately, I emerged from that course only being able to find the loo, hail a cab and maybe order some food. Having said that I’m not certain of what artist Ben.MaZUé is singing about in regard to Obama. […]

Patrick Winfield -> Polaroid Composites

New York based artist/photographer Patrick Winfield has an amazing collection of Polaroid composites and collage works to be seen on his site. His images are built from hundreds of shots, all taken from slightly different angles and positions making the final configuration impressively interesting and a bit ghostly. Incredible stuff… I first came across his […]

McCann Malmö Tilt-Shift -> Colorama – Makeover

This is a pretty amazing tilt-shift short by agency McCann Malmö. They take the shooting style to the next level by adding in the effect of a giant hand that enters the scene and interplays with the action in humorous ways. Below are some behind the scenes shots of the production of this video, revealing […]

Gibran Julian -> Enhanced Photo-scapes

from series -> ‘Cities Within Cities’

Gibran Julian’s work is really enjoyable to view. In his recent photo series ‘Cities Within Cities’ I love the attention paid to integrate the digital illustration into each environment by means of light, shadow and reflection. His works are detailed, full of positive personality and pretty fresh […]