Andi Mayr -> Landscape Photography

I really enjoy the landscape photography by German artist and designer Andi Mayr. His color work especially has my attention. Taking notes.
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Nick Frank -> Hong Kong Cityscapes

Photographer Nick Frank has a special technique and style that I really admire. His Hong Kong cityscapes are a fascinating blend of urban mass and natural landscape that somehow meld calmly together. Many more amazing images beyond the link.
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collage artist -> Leigh Smith

Otherworldly. Alien. I can think of a few ways to describe the surreal collages coming from artist Leigh Smith. Each collage is thoughtfully handmade, and they all seem to have a retro sci-fi aesthetic to them. Much more work to be seen on his portfolio site.
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Salton Sea Revisited -> 5m Envelope

Salton Sea Revisited 5m Envelope from Xárene on Vimeo.
The goal and intent of the video created by Xárene Eskandar above, is to break the linear passing of time and to pull multiple times into one visual experience. The banding together of these different times also creates an interesting study on the transition of natural color change, […]

Touch Time -> Phosphor Digital Watches

This is an interesting Kickstarter project for a touch interface wrist watch design, created by the founder of Fossil watches, Donald Brewer and ex Nike + designer, Stefan Andren. I like that the design allows you to select from 7 different watch dial displays, it’s also nice that you don’t have to charge or […]

Water Paintings -> Eric Zener

I find these oil on canvas ‘water’ paintings by Eric Zener to be a great pleasure to take in. They really capture the essence of a warm, sunny, summer swim session, something that I rarely experience these days living in Seattle, and truly miss. Eric Zener’s ability to render light, motion and all the distortion […]

Starry Night -> Vincent van Dominogh

Someone kept their eyes open in color theory class. This is a very impressive domino rendition of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night, captured as an upbeat timelapse. Nicely done.
Notes from YouTube:
“I recreated Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night” from just over 7,000 dominos. The second attempt took about 11 hours total to build.
The first attempt failed, […]

Fake Vintage Posters -> Juan Molinet

I love this collection of “Fake Japanese Ad Characters” created by Argentina based illustrator/artist Juan Molinet. Each one artfully captures the retro quality of another era, from the line quality and typography to the colors selected. Super fun. You can check out the full set on his Flickr page here.
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Christopher Payne -> Photography

New York based photographer Christopher Payne places the focus of his work on the documentation of America’s vanishing architecture and industrial landscape. I very much enjoy his ‘Asylum’ series (Asylum: Inside the Closed World of State Mental Hospitals (MIT Press, 2009)) from his portfolio site, capturing unkempt interiors and the remnants of things left behind. […]

Argijale -> Flickr Photostream

One way to go about capturing a strong image is to be in an interesting place to begin with. I really enjoy Argijale’s Flickr photostream because he seems to constantly immerse himself in places and situations that make for interesting photography.
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Android -> Digital Standards

It’s not easy for companies to keep track of their brand presentation across all the platforms, screens and devices that exist these days. Especially when you’re in the app space, and you have hundreds of third party app designers and developers out there creating new experiences specifically for your device. How do you keep it […]

TimeHue Clock -> Abstractmachine

TimeHue from abstractmachine on Vimeo.
Notes from Vimeo:
“TimeHue is a clock that represents time as a series of hue values ranging from 0° to 360° within in the HSL color space. To read the clock, start from the center and move outwards: the hue of the small circle represents hours, the middle continuous hue represents minutes and […]

Screen Series -> Matthew Tischler

I came across Matthew Tischler’s photography works this morning while browsing my Tumblr dashboard. These images immediately caught my eye. Shooting through a screen is such a simple idea, but it creates a really fresh and familiar effect. His attention to color and composition takes his technique to an extra level. More to see on […]

Christmas Card to Friends -> Stephen Fitzgerald

Christmas Card to Friends from Stephen Fitzgerald on Vimeo.
The above paper craft animation by Stephen Fitzgerald is nothing short of amazing. Be sure to check it out. Also, I wish you all a belated Merry Christmas! Many thanks to those who stopped by CircuitBreaks this year. I hope to see you in 2012!
Notes from Vimeo:
“A friend […]

DJBroadcast 52 -> Robot Illustration

DJBroadcast 52 – Robot Illustration from Super Silo on Vimeo.
I recently came across this very entertaining timelapse photoshop illustration by Super Silo (Dutch designer, Martijn van Dam) on Super impressive, and fun to follow. Especially if you’re the type that gets into the fancy photoshop maneuvers.
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