DL Skateboards -> Brooklyn New York

Cool Hunting Video Presents: DL Skateboards from Cool Hunting on Vimeo.
Nice short documentary by Cool Hunting Video on one of the many small local businesses to be found in Brooklyn, New York theses days. It always amazes me, the endless high quality one-of-a-kind products that these little ‘mom and pop’ style businesses are producing. Skateboards, […]

artist -> Nick Pederson

Brooklyn based multimedia artist and illustrator, Nick Pederson created the amazingly detailed renderings above. His focus is often on the “modern conflict between the human world and the natural world”. His works are a great pleasure to look over, each one seems to have it’s own epic storyline that emerges.
Excerpt from the artists’s site:
“Through my […]

Celebrate Pratt Institute -> 125th Anniversary

Celebrate Pratt’s 125th Anniversary from Pratt Institute on Vimeo.
I am particularly enthusiastic and appreciative of my alma mater, the newly-turned 125-year-old Pratt Institute. My experience at Pratt will always bring to mind the value of a solid foundation, the true understanding of what good design is, and what good design is capable of. I received […]

The Inverted Bike Shop -> Show Love

I like the personal approach to this Brooklyn based bike shop called 718c Cyclery, and the overall in-store presentation, especially the exploded view of the bicycle hung on the wall towards the beginning of the video. Pretty fresh. Nice documentary coming from the story tellers at showloveworld.com.
Notes from Vimeo:
“Amongst the multitude of bike shops across Manhattan and […]

Simon Harsent -> Iceberg Portraits

Photographer Simon Harsent’s thought provoking ‘Melt’ series of iceberg portraits fascinate me. At first glance they feel powerful and have a sense of permanence, but then those feelings are soon replaced by a darker reality, making them seem dismal and fragile. Aside all of that, they are amazingly captured and processed. Be sure to have […]

8 Hours in Brooklyn -> Next Level Pictures

8 Hours in Brooklyn from Next Level Pictures on Vimeo.
Nice capture and edit coming from Next Level Pictures. Very much worth the view.
Notes from Vimeo:
“All footage was shot within an 8 hour span in Brooklyn, NYC. Several of these shots will be used in part w/ a series of spots we are directing/producing which will […]

Dana Tanamachi -> Hand Lettering Chalk Typography

When I was in school I thought my typography teacher was pure evil for having us hand letter the alphabet over and over until we got our kerning and serifs perfectly nailed down. Years later, I now understand and greatly appreciate what he was teaching us. Brooklyn based designer Dana Tanamachi has a collection of […]

kevin Cyr -> Van Drawings (update)

I ♥ the work of Brooklyn based Kevin Cyr and have posted about his amazing paintings and drawings in the past. It’s good to see that he’s continued to hold steady on his subject matter and has updated his site with more great work. This time he’s added some interesting tones and textures to his […]

Timothy McGurr -> 13th Witness

The work of Brooklyn based photographer Timothy McGurr is in short, amazing. He’s a master at capturing impossible seconds and being in the right place at the right time. I especially  ♥ his atmospheric shots that he has taken in and around the NYC area, full of color and mystery. His web presence is also […]

Kevin Cyr -> Derelict Cars and Unkempt Landscapes

Brooklyn based artist Kevin Cyr pulls his inspiration from “derelict cars and unkempt landscapes”. I really like how his work maintains a clean graphic look despite the weathered and unruly subject matter. His paintings feature vans, delivery carts and even a bike/camper hybrid that he has actually built as a fully functional sculpture piece. I’m […]

Brokelyn -> Living Big on Small Change

Brokelyn.com is an innovative response to our unfortunate economic state. It serves as a shopping guide, dining guide and a just about anything life can throw at you guide for saving cash when many of us are having to cut back on our daily lifestyles. I really like how the site’s content is localized by […]

Ponytail -> Baltimore Artrock Heroes

Before you press play, I must admit that the first time I heard Ponytail I thought their sound was complete garbage noise that could easily be reproduced by Zoo animals. Maybe even wounded, drunk and stoned Zoo animals. But now that I have gone back to feed a few times it has started to sink […]

Dust's Selects – King Khan and the Shrines, Phantom Planet and The Redwalls

The older you get the tougher it gets to stumble upon great new music. At least for me (and no, I’m not that old). I do have less time to hang out at the record store or surf Myspace and Pitchforkmedia.com because of my hobbyist photography habit, recording weird music habit, riding my bike […]