Intention -> Designed By Apple

How do we want people to feel? Don’t confuse convenience with joy, or, abundance with choice… good design takes time… a nice thought provoking piece of branding coming from Apple. The motion graphics alone are worth checking out.

Hard Graft -> Site Design

Hard Graft, the creator of fine Italian handmade leather goods, has a pretty nifty “eComm” site. A couple of notable features: the magnificent product photos, the super-duper dynamic product filtering (fun to play with, srsly), and the respectful attention paid to clarity and the simple telling of the product’s story. They seem to have the […]

Volvo ->

You’ve got to love the big budget hyper-immersive branded experiences that come from automotive industry giants like Volvo. For a designer, it’s kind of a dream to work on stuff like this. This particular experience features an inspirational deep dive for adventure seeking Volvo fanboys… the cars, the amazing destinations, the bears… it’s all there. […]

Optimo -> Fine Hats

The ‘Optimo Fine Hats’ site experience is a terrific example of online branding, story telling and product display. They obviously want customers to come away with the understanding that Optimo hats are the real deal. Quality stuff. It will be interesting to see how they design out the online store.
Visit -> 

2011 Showreel -> Gerbren Boere

Nice 2011 showreel coming from the fresh motion graphic mind of Amsterdam based Gerbren Boere. Well worth the view, especially for those who love solid motion design.
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'We Are All Workers' -> Rolling Film Roadshow

I took notice of these nice poster designs on the Levi’s Facebook page. Nice type design, retro illustration style and a strong color palette bring them all together and make for a great collectible set. More info via the link below.
From the Facebook page:
“We Are All Workers” Rolling Roadshow is a nationwide tour of free outdoor […]