Squarespace 6 -> 'all in one' Platform

Squarespace is looking pretty nice. You can easily import all your content from Tumblr, Pinterest, WordPress, drag and drop images to upload, looks way easy! Some nice clean responsive templates to choose from, so it will display well on your iEverything. Very interesting. There is an $8-$16 monthly fee attached to the usage of this […]

Things Organized Neatly -> Tumblr

This is a fun Tumblr blog appropriately named ‘Things Organized Neatly’, perfect for fellow OCD’ers out there who obsess over clean lines and clarity of arrangement, balance and relationship. On a good day my desk, coffee table and the floor of my closet resemble some of these finely tuned arrangements of stuff. Have a look.
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Circuitbreaks -> 3 Year Anniversary

Circuitbreaks, my fun little ongoing side project, has reached a pretty significant milestone of three years this month. Three years of weekly posting, and trying to document all of the design/art/tech happenings from around the world that I’ve found to be interesting, inspiring and amazing. I’m pretty proud to have kept it going. I’m also […]

iPhone 4s -> Photos

Since I traded in the old iPhone 3gs for the new iPhone 4s, my photo taking productivity has increased significantly. That’s the good thing. The bad thing is that my photo taking productivity has increased significantly and I haven’t touched my Canon 7D in weeks! I’ve found that the new 8MP camera and optics have really […]

Shuffler.FM -> iPad App

Some are calling the Shuffler.FM iPad app the “Flipboard of music discovery”. It automagically aggregates music content from thousands of tastemakers, music blogs, sites and magazines creating one big fat, music channel of love …something like that. Just when I was just starting to really get into Spotify. On to the next thing I suppose.
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Happy Halloween -> iPhone Pics/Tumblr

Recently, I’ve been having a lot of fun posting to my ‘Chris Kalani’ themed Tumblr blog (Chris Kalani is the designer and creator of yayeveryday.com). For the most part I use the blog to post daily pics from my iPhone or some of my shots from my Canon 7D. Halloween is one of my favorite […]

Todd Slater -> Rushmore Print + Baubauhaus.com

A number of interesting discoveries came from my recent discovery of this ‘Rushmore’ print by illustrator Todd Slater. First off, the print itself, I’m a huge fan of Bill Murray and the movie Rushmore and poster prints. Win + Win! Unfortunately it’s sold out on Todd Slater’s site. Hopefully he’ll print up some more for […]

iPhone 3Gs Photos -> Jhsindesign Posterous

A couple months ago I started up a ‘posterous’ blog and have been using it as an easy mobile upload platform for all my iPhone photos. I’m snapping daily and I’m often surprised at the image quality I’m getting from my iPhone, depending on the light and my ability to keep my hand steady (or […]

The Daily Aphorism -> The School of Life

The above is today’s daily aphorism from thedailyaphorism.com. Enabled by St.Lukes and the School of Life, this daily aphorism destination is simple and well designed. You can create your own aphorisms as well as print out your favorites from their collection. Pretty fun, I could see this experience to twitter and mobile texts as well.
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Dell's Motherboard.tv -> Beta Version

Along the same vein as other group/community blogs (like http://spacecollective.org/ below) this grid-based designed blog ‘Motherboard’ designed by http://www.area17.com/ and sponsored by Dell Corporation focuses on technology, art/design, gaming, environment and a category they call ‘wonderful’ which is pretty much a catch-all for things that are… wonderful I guess. At first glance the content seems […]

Doodlers Anonymous -> Drawing Network

I love the premise of this online network of Doodlers. It’s a great way to share, compare and collaborate sketch phase ideas amongst friends who share the same doodling addiction. From ‘About’ page -> “Doodlers Anonymous was founded to celebrate our addiction, and like any other, we’re hooked. The need to draw, sketch, and doodle […]

Maestro Knows -> Content is King

‘Maestro Knows’ is an online show based around skateboarding vlogger personality Levi Maestro’s day to day life. Documenting urban skate and urban culture, style and fashion trends while skating around town is what he’s known for. Initially his vlogging took place primarily Los Angeles, his popularity has gained him some extra travel opportunities and is […]

Bloctor's -> TypeRadio

Typeradio from Blocter on Vimeo.
In this video the folks from Bloctor talk about their popular typography/design podcast ‘Typeradio’ and the idea behind the concept of taking a visual medium and placing it onto a completely invisible platform… and all the interesting conversation that comes from doing so. I also like their swim upstream approach to […]

I Second That -> Colectiva

Leave it to www.colectiva.tv find some of the best animated gifs in cyber space. This one was posted on their site in celebration of the upcoming weekend. I strongly support that notion as it has been a very difficult week. Thanks Colectiva, I hope you don’t mind me tagging on to this idea. I hope […]

iPhone Art -> Apps/Trends

All the above pieces of art were created with the iPhone. Believe it or not. The iPhone has yet again delivered another new interesting sub-cultural trend and a surprisingly useful technology for artists and illustrators. A few months ago I posted about the ‘New Yorker Magazine’ cover rendered completely by iPhone by artist/illustrator Jorge Colombo. […]