Jimb Lamb -> An Artist's Profile

Jimb Lamb – An Artists Profile from Ben Strickland on Vimeo.
This very well captured artist profile by Ben Strickland has it all, great pace, music, timelapse, and an amazingly talented subject… painter Jimb Lamb. Well worth checking out.
Visit -> http://genesisg.com/home.aspx
Visit -> http://www.brainbx.com/

Tim Noble and Sue Webster -> Shadow Sculptures

It’s astonishing that such a seemingly scattered mess of random objects, when precisely assembled, have the ability to throw such an accurate human silhouette. You absolutely must click through the link below to view these impressive works of art. (via thisismarvelous.com)
More images -> thisismarvelous.com
Visit -> timnobleandsuewebster.com

Mitch Dobrowner -> Storm Photography

The absolutely gorgeous captures above were taken by Long Island (Bethpage), NY born fine art photographer Mitch Dobrowner. His pristine black and white processing reveals every tiny detail, really showing off the power and awe inspiring beauty of each storm. Just amazing. I’d love to see his prints in person.
Visit -> mitchdobrowner.com/

Eiko Ojala -> Vertical Landscape

The above “Vertical Landscape” was created by graphic artist Eiko Ojala, from Tallinn, Estonia. It’s simple but sophisticated nature caught my eye while browsing through projects on behance.net. I really enjoy his playful cut paper technique, combined with illustration. Many more quality projects to be seen on Eiko Ojala’s portfolio site via the link below.
Visit -> www.ploom.tv/

Photographer -> Scott G Toepfer

All the best things in life are represented in the photography by L.A. based Scott G Toepfer. Guitars, motorcycles, surfing, classic cars and trucks… it’s just a good place to be. (via Brian B.)
Visit -> www.sgtoepfer.com/

Snowshoe Art -> Simon Beck

It’s probably safe to say that some artists are in better shape than others depending on their medium. Ever since I’ve been following snowshoe artist Simon Beck via his Facebook page, I’ve been completely amazed by his efforts taking place in the French Alps. He’s documenting his entire journey as he creates these massive geometric […]

Simone Primo -> Multiple Exposure Portraits

I really enjoy the multiple exposure portrait photography coming from Simone Primo. The layering effect creates an airy, organic, and mysterious illusion that I can’t get enough of. Many more beautiful works beyond the link.
Visit -> http://simoneprimo.see.me/

Jakob Wagner -> Photography

The images captured by Duesseldorf based photographer/artist Jakob Wagner are absolutely stunning. Lot’s of amazing night imagery, landscapes, cityscapes all processed with impeccable, pristine quality. Take some time to go through the many works on his site.
Visit -> http://www.jakobwagner.eu/

Thomas Jackson -> Photography

These surreal images captured by Providence, Rhode Island born Thomas Jackson are part of his series called ‘Emergent Behavior’. The offsetting subject matter is comprised of unexpected colorful everyday objects, that somehow make their surrounding environments seem otherworldly. Many more amazing images beyond the link.
Visit -> thomasjacksonphotography.com

artist -> Nick Pederson

Brooklyn based multimedia artist and illustrator, Nick Pederson created the amazingly detailed renderings above. His focus is often on the “modern conflict between the human world and the natural world”. His works are a great pleasure to look over, each one seems to have it’s own epic storyline that emerges.
Excerpt from the artists’s site:
“Through my […]

Kalle Mattson -> Water Falls

Kalle Mattson – Water Falls (Official Video) / HYPNO SF from Kevin Parry on Vimeo.
I love the elastic swing of the timelapses captured in this music video as they sweep and zoom through space… and time. Wow, that’s even deeper in words… Anyway, be sure to check this video, great track, wonderful imagery. We all […]

Water Paintings -> Eric Zener

I find these oil on canvas ‘water’ paintings by Eric Zener to be a great pleasure to take in. They really capture the essence of a warm, sunny, summer swim session, something that I rarely experience these days living in Seattle, and truly miss. Eric Zener’s ability to render light, motion and all the distortion […]

Lauren Marsolier -> Photography

I think artist photographer Lauren Marsolier is a genius. His ability to detect healthy tension and strong composition in a seemingly sterile location is inspiring. It’s one thing to capture a beautiful photo from something that is interesting and captivating from the get go, it’s another to capture something beautiful and interesting from a location […]

Chaos Crew -> The Tattooed Poster

Notes from Site:
“In a celebration of some of 2011′s most newsworthy events, Munich’s Chaos Crew Tattoo Studio created a massive poster that shows the true art of tattooing by using a large piece of calfskin. By using the skin instead of creating an image and transferring the work to paper, the integrity of the original […]

Jonathan Saiz -> ALKAHEST

I really admire the delicate attention to detail and color in these prismic, large scale oil painting series untitled, “ALKAHEST” by Mykonos based Jonathan Saiz. Have a look through the full series via the link below. (via yayeveryday.com)
Notes from Site:
“In this crystalline form everything is made of the multitude – the splendors […]