Lapka -> Personal Environment Monitors

The small, beautifully designed devices above are actually high tech personal environment monitors, created by Lapca. Based on the information I’ve gathered from the website, they track and monitor everything from humidity levels, to radiation and air pressure. The devices also seem to be wearable, and combined with the app, there are elements of gamification […]

Snapguide -> DIY Guide App

We all like our projects, the things that keep us busy and entertain our minds. I’ve been spending a lot of time in my garden this spring and I’ve found sites like Pinterest and Tumblr to be very inspirational, but sometimes I have a tough time finding the ‘how to’ or instructional to actually create […]

Paper iPad app -> FiftyThree

Notes from Vimeo:
“Paper is where ideas begin. It’s the easiest and most beautiful way to create on the new iPad. Capture your ideas as sketches, diagrams, illustrations, notes or drawings and instantly share them across the web. Download “Paper by FiftyThree” free from the App Store. #madewithpaper”
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Studio Neat -> Frames iPhone App

Studio Neat Made an App from Studio Neat on Vimeo.
This is guaranteed to bring hours of fun for those who love to dabble with stop motion and timelapse. Just an awesome app idea coming from Studio Neat.
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Audience App -> Google Analytics

I recently purchased this nice new Google analytics visualizer called ‘Audience’ for 99¢ in the appstore. It’s well designed and there are some nice color transitions that occur while looking over your data. Kind of refreshing in comparison to all of the other less designed options that are available.
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TimeHue Clock -> Abstractmachine

TimeHue from abstractmachine on Vimeo.
Notes from Vimeo:
“TimeHue is a clock that represents time as a series of hue values ranging from 0° to 360° within in the HSL color space. To read the clock, start from the center and move outwards: the hue of the small circle represents hours, the middle continuous hue represents minutes and […]

Shuffler.FM -> iPad App

Some are calling the Shuffler.FM iPad app the “Flipboard of music discovery”. It automagically aggregates music content from thousands of tastemakers, music blogs, sites and magazines creating one big fat, music channel of love …something like that. Just when I was just starting to really get into Spotify. On to the next thing I suppose.
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Jawbone -> UP

Jawbone is releasing an exciting and innovative new health tracking device and mobile app. It’s reminiscent of the NIKE/Apple partnership but not attached to an expensive shoe, and not specific to one activity, opening the door to a much larger customer base. You can now toss your old heart rate monitor and pedometer and that […]

twistcone -> Monster Coloring Book

Monster Coloring Book from twistcone on Vimeo.
How simple is this idea? Monsters and coloring are pretty much the definition of fun if you ask me. Great to distract the kiddos on your next road trip, I know my nephews would dig this. Nice illustration work, lot’s of fun colors and tools as well…
Notes from Vimeo:
“We’re […]

Viewbook Portfolio App -> iPad

Viewbook Portfolio for iPad from Viewbook on Vimeo.
Here’s another very cleanly designed portfolio option for designers and photographers called Viewbook. There seems to be so many great ways to display work lately, especially with Behance’s release of ‘Pro Site‘. I’m thinking of updating my own…
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Future of interactive books? -> Al Gore 'Our Choice' app

Al Gore’s new iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch app looks to be nicely designed by UI designer Mike Matas, co-founder of Push Pop Press, and is certainly getting a ton of positive attention this week. The ‘Our Choice’ app is being praised as the “the future of interactive books” by some highly accredited experts. I’ll be […]

Nalden -> iPad app

Being a long time fan of Amsterdam based influential music and lifestyle blogger Nalden, I’m pretty excited to try out his new super-slick iPad app. Just a few months ago he was soliciting for a talented experience designer to help him build out his dream app, now it seems that it’s come to fruition in a […]

Tilt-Shift Generator -> iPhone App

I just discovered this amazing iPhone app called ‘TiltShift Generator’ available at the app store for just 99¢. It’s a fantastically efficient and easy to use app that generates a very nice tilt-shift effect on your iphone pics. I’ve been trying it on on some of my landscape photos from my Flickr stream as well, […]

Turin Brakes Video - Philip Bloom -> Plastic Bullet Filter

Turin Brakes: Ascension Day from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.
I thought this was interesting… World renowned film director and photographer/blogger, Philip Bloom, just released this music video that he shot with a Panasonic AF-101. The interesting part to me, is that he used the Plastic Bullet photo/video filter software made by Red Giant Software to add […]

Word Lens -> Augmented Reality App

I just found out about this new app called Word Lens on CNN, so I’m sure the news of it’s release is spreading lightning fast at this point, and for good reason. It’s an augmented reality app that instantly swaps out text in different languages in our reality, on signs, in print, on the side […]