Shuffler.FM -> iPad App

Some are calling the Shuffler.FM iPad app the “Flipboard of music discovery”. It automagically aggregates music content from thousands of tastemakers, music blogs, sites and magazines creating one big fat, music channel of love …something like that. Just when I was just starting to really get into Spotify. On to the next thing I suppose.
Get App […]

Intel -> Museum of Me

I know, this clever ‘Museum of Me’ Facebook content aggregate is spreading like wildfire right now via Facebook. To me it’s notable because it’s not only pulling through multiple types of content, but it’s pulling it in, in a way that’s not your typical grid based design. There’s dimension, layering and some nice parallax scrolling […]

GAP Denim -> Content Aggregate

This is a very dynamic and scalable aggregate interface that GAP has built in order to show ‘all things denim’. This platform pulls everything digital into one space – video, pics, audio, blog posts, news posts, press updates… so on and so forth. Because of it’s dynamic nature the feed will ‘auotmagically’ grow over time […]

We are Hunted -> The Online Music Chart Aggregate

We Are Hunted is an all new Online Music Chart. They aggregate social networks, forums, music blogs, Torrents, P2P Networks and Twitter to develop a daily chart of the 99 most popular songs online. This is a very cool concept for a music discovery site and seems to be pulling in some really unique […]