Labics -> Architecture

If you are at all interested in modern architecture trends, then I would suggest clicking around Labics Architecture’s site (based in Rome). Not only are their final designs crisp and clean, their conceptual models and renderings are a work of art as well.
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LEGO towers -> MVRDV at BODW

Isn’t this lego tower installation named “Porous City” absolutely amazing? It was constructed from 1.5 million LEGO bricks by MVRDV and ‘The Why Factory‘. They will be exhibited at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, 3 – 8 December, and Dutch architect Winy Maas will lecture about them on December 7th during the BODW Forum. I’d love to see […]

Mini Ghettoblaster -> Mini Schweiz

I dig this super extra large “mini” ghettoblaster promo for the International Radio Festival in Zurich featured by Mini Schweiz. Taking Papercraft to the extreme, from the photos on it’s Behance page, you can see it brings some serious character to the surrounding environment that it’s placed in.
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The First Day -> Hello Stranger

It’s never too late to say happy new year, well, maybe April is too late. Regardless, I really enjoy the overall vibe of this ‘Happy New Year’ video produced by ‘Hello Stranger’. The timelapse fwd and back, fireworks and zippy soundtrack make this a fun view, any time of the year.
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Instrument UX -> Innovation Reel

Instrument UX Innovation Reel from Instrument on Vimeo.
UX, IxD, interactive design, UI design, experience design, motion design, yadda yadda yadda, whatever the brand or flavor you should choose… it’s about producing something special that makes people want to engage and experience whatever it is that you have to offer them. Hopefully effortlessly, and with some kind […]

Type Fluid -> Skyrill

I came across this interesting fluid type experiment by the innovative folks at this evening on Behance. The renderings are fun to watch come to form and are extremely, well …fluid. Plenty of videos beyond the links below, have click through their portfolio site as well.
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Telenoika -> Audiovisual Mapping

Yet another magically innovative example of archetectural video mapping, created by with 2D video composition software and 3D modeling software. The amazing motion graphics were projected with a 20k video beamer at 1920×1080 at the Kernel Festival in Northern Italy (Brianza to be exact). Very much worth the view. I’d love to check out this festival.
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SpongeBob -> Clothing Graphics

It’s Friday. I figured that simple fact warrants a post that is all about fun and playfulness, as I rarely do post about “fun and playfulness”. Yes, in air quotes even. This fine rendering of a high-design SpongeBob SquarePants is coming from an agency in Nottingham, London called ‘Studio Output’.  Their site is very much […]

Symmetry -> Everynone

This is a great short produced by New York based film making team ‘Everynone’. The concept begins to explore the idea of life’s balance and symmetry in it’s many unexpected forms and variations. Makes for an entertaining view. There are many more inspiring videos to be seen on their website.
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Myspace Concept -> Face.

I came across this declined Myspace concept work by Mexican agency ‘Face.’ today on the Behance network, and I have to say it’s pretty solid. I’m feeling the aggregate content display similar to a ‘Pinterest‘ experience as well as the smart use of color and the clean bold graphics that involve little fuss or clutter. […]

Meet Your Maker -> Asylum Artists

MEET YOUR MAKER from Asylum Artists on Vimeo.
This is an inspiring and well filmed documentary created by Ontario based agency ‘Asylum Artists’ on the creation of one of our all time favorite musical instruments, the guitar. The video features the beautifully hand crafted guitars produced by Joseph Yanuziello, located in Toronto.
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Prime TV Promo -> In Between Magic

This is a terrific promotional video by Belgian agency ‘In Between Magic’ for TV network Prime. The combination of HO scale figures, amazingly detailed effects and shallow DOF camera style make it a fun view. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of this miniature, tilt-shift trend, especially when produced so well. Have a look […]

Sagmeister NYC -> Site Redesign

NYC based design agency ‘Sagmeister’ just launched their new website. I like their ‘real time’ bird’s eye view/fish eye lens video feed of the office, and the nice integration of their navigation on the hard wood floor. The site is super simple and easy to navigate and browse their fantastic design work. Stop by and […]

This is Dare. Are You? -> Infographic Video

This is Dare. Are you? from thisisdare on Vimeo.
London based agency ‘Dare’ created this entertaining self-promotion infographic to attract grad students to apply for the Dare Grad Scheme. I love the bit about the check shirt, converse shoes and glasses. Worth a view.
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Sevnthsin -> Distance Makes No Difference

My buddy Jamey Erickson is always up to something interesting and fun. Whether launching weather balloons to take pictures of the outer stratosphere, prepping for his next outrageous Halloween costume (I’ll spare you the visuals) or just coming up with interesting ways to make his Minneapolis based design studio Sevnthsin an inspiring place to work… he’s bubbling […]