Box -> Projection Mapping

Box from Bot & Dolly on Vimeo.
This is one of the best projection mapping efforts that I’ve seen in some time. Typically, projection mapping takes place on a fixed object and evolves on that canvas alone, static position. In this video, the canvas is in motion, the camera is in motion, and the projection transcends […]

realtime projection mapping -> Sony PS3

The above images are out-takes from the production of an interactive projection mapping viral for Sony Playstation. The whole story was shot in one take and in one room with an impressive amount of supporting characters in seamless white suits to help assist with the overal effect. Pretty cool concept, pushing the bounds of what […]

H&M Amsterdam -> 3D Projection Mapping

I came across this video on one of my favorite design/pop culture blogs this morning while enjoying my coffee. You know how much I dig projection mapping… This example designed and created by agency MUSE was funded by H&M for their new flagship store opening in Amsterdam. It’s absolutely wonderful and full of surprises, […]

The LightLine of Gotham -> Architectural Projection Mapping

The LightLine of Gotham from seeper on Vimeo.
This is a very nice example of architectural projection mapping, corporately sponsored by Honda and shot at the Frank Gehry designed IAC HQ building in Manhattan. I really love this technology and I believe that we’ve only scratched the surface of it’s full potential and end-use.
More ->  Image Mapping […]

KraftWork -> Seeper (image mapping projection)

KraftWork from seeper on Vimeo.
The above video by KraftWork is a nice new example of architectural image mapping. I especially like the Tron-ish white line/hairline rendering towards the beginning of the video, feels unlike anything that I’ve seen before coming from this creative medium.
Visit ->

Architectural Mapping -> Video Projection

Architectural mapping video projection,Tiger translate 09 from Rueangrith Suntisuk on Vimeo.
This architectural video mapping project took place at the ‘Tiger Translate’ festival in Bangkok, Thailand (sponsored by Tiger Beer). ‘Tiger Translate’ has been working with creative industry pioneers to display the best new emerging artists and technology wizards from Asia, known as AKAs (Asian Kinetic […]

Urban Screen -> Facade Projection

This is yet another excellent example of 3d image mapping technology, this time taking place in Hamburg. The building’s surface takes on many different shapes and forms in a very realistic looking visual effect that is definitely worth watching.
Notes from Vimeo:
The conception of this project consistently derives from its underlying architecture – the theoretic conception […]

Video Mapping -> NuFormer Digital Media

Projection on Buildings from NuFormer Digital Media on Vimeo.
This is another gorgeous example of 3D video mapping projection by Netherlands based design firm NuFormer Digital Media. This is probably the best example that I have seen of object projection on a building’s exterior. There is one point at which hundreds of tiny balls are are […]

Video Mapping -> Scale Model

Video mapping on scale model from Dip Media on Vimeo.
This is an impressive combination of 3D mapping and HD video projection. By setting up strict perimeters and mapped surfaces (3D mapping) for the video to be accurately placed the geometric cubes begin to take on their own spacial realities. The final visual effect is very […]

Scintillation by Xavier Chassaing – Experimental Footage

SCINTILLATION from Xavier Chassaing on Vimeo.
It’s not everyday you come across a new artistic effect or technique so disruptive that it makes you stop dead in your tracks. Leaving you with nothing but a thick sense of wonder and curiosity. This short HD film called “Scintillation” by Xavier Chassaing did just that to myself and […]

Step Into the Sensory Box -> ENVISION

ENVISION : Step into the sensory box from SUPERBIEN on Vimeo.
The above masterpiece was created by ‘SuperBien’ (Alex Mestrot and Tom Chosson) based in Paris, France. The mapping itself is beautifully accurate and creative, the colors are fresh… but the animation FX are to me, what is most mind-blowing. Great particle animation and sound design […]

Strukt -> Interactive Showreel

Strukt Interactive Showreel Spring 2010 from Gregor Hofbauer on Vimeo.
The video and imagery above are from Strukt Design Studio’s latest interactive show reel, and it makes me feel very excited for what the future holds for us all. Personally, if I could surround myself with HD projectors, touchscreens and mapping software and maybe a couple […]

New Media Installation Art -> Kit Webster

ENIGMATICA from Kit Webster on Vimeo.

MORPHOLOGY from Kit Webster on Vimeo.
Kit Webster is an Australian composer and artist who specializes in new media art installation. Using experimental image mapping and projection techniques, he’s managed to create some extremely unique and disruptive works. Kit Webster’s special audio/composition talents become very apparent as the music and […]

Animal/Miike Snow -> Midweek Music Bump

Today’s 20th ‘Midweek Music Bump’ is a track by Miike Snow called ‘Animal’. The video was shot with some nice image mapping technology which I have posted about a few times in the past. It’s fun to see that technology start to grow into different uses. Nice up-beat track as well. That’s why it’s this […]