Neil Dawson -> Horizons

Sculptor Neil Dawson is the creator of these massive illustrative blankets called ‘Horizons’ that are perched, or seemingly thrown on the rolling hills of Gibbs Farms (Kaipara Harbour, New Zealand). Having a look as if they had fallen from the pen of Ub Iwerks, these surreal but somehow complimentary sculptures add a nice dose of […]

Jakob Wagner -> Photography

The images captured by Duesseldorf based photographer/artist Jakob Wagner are absolutely stunning. Lot’s of amazing night imagery, landscapes, cityscapes all processed with impeccable, pristine quality. Take some time to go through the many works on his site.
Visit ->

Platforming Books -> Art Space Tokyo

This multi-platform release of “Art Space Tokyo” published by Craig Mod is a nice example of the current state of the digital content/publishing world. Beyond books, these days, pretty much any content provider is thinking along similar lines and trying to determine where their audiences like to feed and how to deliver a consistent experience. […]

Owen Perry -> Photography

Owen Perry is a photographer/designer based in Whistler, British Columbia. I really enjoy his outdoor photography set on 500px, lush landscapes flanked by endless pines and mountains, wonderfully captured with a bit of a retro feel. Very much worth checking out. Totally brings back childhood memories of my summers spent in Canada at my grandparents […]

Chasing the storm -> Nathan Kaso

Chasing the storm from Nathan Kaso on Vimeo.
Beautiful capture of the Plenty Valley and Yarra Valley in Melbourne’s outer east by Nathan Kaso using a Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Synced perfectly with the sound track, the short really holds your attention as the weather builds and displays its power.

Astro -> Time Lapse + Motion Control

Add this to the list of gizmos that I’ll want to throw into my camera bag. Great idea. Simple. You can pledge your support for the production of this magnificent device on Kickstarter via the link below.
Notes from Kickstarter page:
“Astro adds pan & tilt movement to your camera, and it allows you to set up […]