artist -> Nick Pederson

Brooklyn based multimedia artist and illustrator, Nick Pederson created the amazingly detailed renderings above. His focus is often on the “modern conflict between the human world and the natural world”. His works are a great pleasure to look over, each one seems to have it’s own epic storyline that emerges.
Excerpt from the artists’s site:
“Through my images I have created this metaphorical realm of the hundred thousand mountains, and the narrative illustrates a journey to reach its highest peak. In Buddhist mythology this mountain, known as Mt. Sumeru, stands at the center of the world and is surrounded by nine impenetrable mountain ranges called the Cakravala. This central mountain is symbolic of ultimate truth, and legend says that the secrets of the universe can be found at its peak. My images show all the trials that are faced in theattempt to scale this mountain, depicting an epic spiritual quest to find truth”
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