Celebrate Pratt Institute -> 125th Anniversary

Celebrate Pratt’s 125th Anniversary from Pratt Institute on Vimeo.
I am particularly enthusiastic and appreciative of my alma mater, the newly-turned 125-year-old Pratt Institute. My experience at Pratt will always bring to mind the value of a solid foundation, the true understanding of what good design is, and what good design is capable of. I received a pragmatic, practical understanding of the entire design process at Pratt, free of dogmatic propaganda – skills that I value, utilize and put to work every day. Happy 125th Birthday Pratt Institute!
Pratt Wikipedia -> wikipedia.org/Pratt
Historical Photos -> flickr.com/photos/
Side note: After reading through the wikipedia page I discovered this little gem; Billy Joel’s ‘The Longest Time’ filmed entirely @Pratt. Pretty awesome, especially for those who know those old tiled halls -> youtube.com/watch?v=a_XgQhMPeEQ

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