Fake Vintage Posters -> Juan Molinet

I love this collection of “Fake Japanese Ad Characters” created by Argentina based illustrator/artist Juan Molinet. Each one artfully captures the retro quality of another era, from the line quality and typography to the colors selected. Super fun. You can check out the full set on his Flickr page here.
Visit -> http://www.lebureau.tv/

Benoit Paillé -> Light Experimentation

I find these ‘Light Experimentations’ taken in northern Quebec to be very well captured and inspirational. Coming from a photographer who states “I hate landscape”, Benoit Paillé tries to create his own by modifying the environment with light. More beyond the link.
Visit -> http://www.behance.net/

SketchSynth -> Drawable OSC Control Surface

Notes from Site:
“SketchSynth lets anyone create their own control panels with just a marker and a piece of paper. Once drawn, the controller sends Open Sound Control (OSC) messages to anything that can receive them; in this case, a simple synthesizer running in Pure Data. It’s a fun toy that also demonstrates the possibilities of adding […]

Lauren Marsolier -> Photography

I think artist photographer Lauren Marsolier is a genius. His ability to detect healthy tension and strong composition in a seemingly sterile location is inspiring. It’s one thing to capture a beautiful photo from something that is interesting and captivating from the get go, it’s another to capture something beautiful and interesting from a location […]

Chaos Crew -> The Tattooed Poster

Notes from Site:
“In a celebration of some of 2011′s most newsworthy events, Munich’s Chaos Crew Tattoo Studio created a massive poster that shows the true art of tattooing by using a large piece of calfskin. By using the skin instead of creating an image and transferring the work to paper, the integrity of the original […]

Jonathan Saiz -> ALKAHEST

I really admire the delicate attention to detail and color in these prismic, large scale oil painting series untitled, “ALKAHEST” by Mykonos based Jonathan Saiz. Have a look through the full series via the link below. (via yayeveryday.com)
Notes from Site:
“In this crystalline form everything is made of the multitude – the splendors […]

Icon Bronco -> Cool Hunting Vid

Yes, another 4×4 post… I’ve posted many times about the magical custom rehab 4×4 establishment that is Icon, based in L.A. The folks at Cool Hunting created a nice little spot on their amazing Bronco design. Did you know that the grill design on some of the Icon trucks was assisted by Nike? More detail […]

Camel Trophy -> 20 best images

The photos above are my favorite selects from a great collection of photos that can be found on expeditionportal.com. The Camel Trophy, often called “the Olympics of 4×4” first began with the 1980 crossing of the Transamazonica highway. For off-road expedition enthusiasts, it’s a great batch of photography. The full set of twenty can be seen beyond […]

Mikey Please -> The Eagleman Stag

This short animated story by Mikey Please is captivating. The combined animation style, thought provoking storyline, limited palette, lighting and the materials used, give this short a very unique flavor. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t seen it already. It’s honestly one of the best animated shorts I’ve seen in a very […]

Open Horizon -> Russell Houghten

This skate video by Russell Houghten is masterfully done. Great moments of timelapse, slow-pan and featuring a whole slew of talented riders, Dylan Rieder, John Rattray, Shuriken Shannon, Tom Karangelov, Jordan Taylor, Arto Saari, Oscar Meza… Taking your average skate vid to a whole new level of videography. Well worth the view.
Visit -> russellhoughten.com/

Mobile Photos -> Personal Musings

It’s been a while since I’ve shamelessly posted any of my own personal musings and photo experiments. My mobile photo updates are now part of my weekly routine on tumblr, wether it was a conscious decision or not, I’ll never know. It’s fun. Lately, I’m getting a kick out of flipping my images, a simple trick, […]

Sensu -> Artist Brush for iPad

A friend turned me on to this amazing looking digital artist brush coming from Artist Hardware called the Sensu brush. I’ve been drawing a lot more thanks to the 53 Paper app, it would be a lot of fun to try out a real brush on the screen. It looks promising. Additional note: this innovative idea […]

All Hail The Beat -> Roland TR-808

When I close my eyes and think of the the 80s, this is the sound that I hear, accompanied with the visual of florescent yellow fat laces, laced perfectly straight across on my Air Jordans… miss those. The signature sound of the Roland TR-808 helped to transform the music industry during the 1980s. There’s some interesting […]