Raster -> 3x4 grid typeface

I dig this typeface coming from Feldkirch, Austria based designer David Gobber. It feels fresh and also seems to capture the essence of the Art Deco design style of an earlier era. I think it’s the suspended mid-waist of the ‘E’ that’s making me go there… He’s got a bunch of very nice, inspirational work on his Behance page. Have a look.
Visit -> behance.net/DavidGobber 
Notes from Behance:
“The experimental typeface Raster is based on a 3×4 grid. That’s also where its name comes from as “Raster” means “grid” in german.
The typeface is designed for headline purposes. The goal was to create an interesting, geometric look where the decorative elements don’t cut on the readability of the slogan/header/.. you want to create.”

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