Chris Sickels -> and his Harley Pacer

I like this little film about super talented artist Chris Sickels and his vintage Harley Pacer. All around, he seems like a great person, someone who appreciates the simple things in life but is also passionate about producing the things his mind gravitates towards. Makes for an entertaining view, godspeed!
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Simon Harsent -> Iceberg Portraits

Photographer Simon Harsent’s thought provoking ‘Melt’ series of iceberg portraits fascinate me. At first glance they feel powerful and have a sense of permanence, but then those feelings are soon replaced by a darker reality, making them seem dismal and fragile. Aside all of that, they are amazingly captured and processed. Be sure to have […]

Try on a New Sofa -> Ikea Video

Ikea has always produced fresh/fun ways to promote and demo their new products online, which makes sense given that their in-store experience is all about doing just that. This video experience is pretty entertaining. The sets are probably the most impressive part to me, with each one so amazingly rich and well shot into. Cool […]

Android -> Digital Standards

It’s not easy for companies to keep track of their brand presentation across all the platforms, screens and devices that exist these days. Especially when you’re in the app space, and you have hundreds of third party app designers and developers out there creating new experiences specifically for your device. How do you keep it […]

LIFECYCLE -> 365 days in the life of a bike in NYC

This is a pretty creative take on your everyday 365 project. NYC based ‘Red Peak Branding Company’ chained a fully accessorized bicycle to a post and took a daily shot for a year. You can pretty much guess what happend, but it’s still fun to watch.
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Seattle 2012 -> Snowstorm Photos

I haven’t had a lot of free time to post this week. I’ve been shoveling snow and taking photos of all the wild weather that we’ve been experiencing here in the Pacific NW. I’ve got a bunch of photos that I will be processing and posting over the next few days, and another good night […]

Satori' Animation -> Abhilasha Dewan

Satori from Abhilasha Dewan on Vimeo.
I really dig the overall effect of this cleverly composited animation short by Abhilasha Dewan, inspired by the misty mountains of Nainital, India. Lot’s of great subtle shading and filtering, his use of photography to add depth and dimension to the illustration is just awesome. Very inspiring piece.

realtime projection mapping -> Sony PS3

The above images are out-takes from the production of an interactive projection mapping viral for Sony Playstation. The whole story was shot in one take and in one room with an impressive amount of supporting characters in seamless white suits to help assist with the overal effect. Pretty cool concept, pushing the bounds of what […]

Sandro Perri -> love and light

sandro perri · love and light from Pedro Maia on Vimeo.
Incredibly stimulating visuals and sounds coming from an artist partnership, Pedro Maia – film and Sandro Perri – music. I highly recommend you check out the full album by Sandro Perri called ‘Impossible Spaces’.
Notes from Vimeo:
“Love and Light” video aims to explore the relation between a musician […]

controlled quantum levitation -> mini Wipe'Out track

I recall wasting away entire weekends playing Wipeout on Playstation with my friends when we were in college. It was a pretty amazing game back in the day when it first came out. The above vid is a ‘faked’ concept (according to my research findings) for a controlled quantum levitation mini version of the game. […]

AntiqueGleam -> Tumblr

Tumblr has become such an amazingly vast archive of people’s interests, I never know what I’ll discover on my dashboard. Being a car guy, and a fan of all things obscure and retro, I’m having a lot of fun with Lot’s of old forgotten automobile designs, ads and odd captures of the classics in […]

Skillshare -> The Future Belongs to the Curious

The Future Belongs to the Curious from Skillshare on Vimeo.
Notes from Vimeo:
“From the moment we open our eyes it fuels our existence. We are on a mission to remind everyone to never lose your sense of curiosity or wonder. Long live learning!”
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Style Ledger -> A Factory in Brooklyn

Nice documentary on old school, quality USA garment manufacturing, focusing on the Martin Greenfield factory in Brooklyn. I personally hope that these smaller “Made in the USA” clothing manufacturers continue to build and renew their popularity. You may not get the 24 hour shipping option, or the […]

FvF -> international interview magazine

I’m really getting into the content that FvF interview magazine is serving up. Covering artists and designers, it’s a nice look inside their day-to-day and the personal environment that they’ve built to support their creative process. The shots above are from the interview with Brooklyn, NYC based set designer Johanna Burke. Many more beautifully captured […]

Circuitbreaks -> 3 Year Anniversary

Circuitbreaks, my fun little ongoing side project, has reached a pretty significant milestone of three years this month. Three years of weekly posting, and trying to document all of the design/art/tech happenings from around the world that I’ve found to be interesting, inspiring and amazing. I’m pretty proud to have kept it going. I’m also […]