Light -> Sunday Paper

Light from Sunday Paper on Vimeo.
Nice concept, very well executed. Definitely makes for an interesting view.
Notes from Vimeo:
““Light” a short film directed by David Parker, initially began as a project intended to bring awareness to energy waste. Bleeding, crying lights were meant to metaphorically parallel the way in which we invisibly squander our natural resources […]

Boris Tellegen -> Diversions Series

I recently discovered the sculptural works of Amsterdam based artist Boris Tellegen. Full of dynamic multi-layered structure and modern edge, they really hold my attention. I’d like to see them in person, I’m sure as light changes in any given room or space, they change personality right along with it. Many more great works by Boris […]

Icon -> 4x4 Design

There are a couple things in life that never cease to bring me great pleasure. Solid, simple, clean design being one …and yes, 4 wheel drive in the form of a trusty/capable truck being another. Los Angeles based custom 4×4 builder ‘Icon’ has recently promised the release of a new Ford Bronco style classic to […]

Senseless Drawing BOT -> So Kanno + Takahiro Yamaguchi

Sometimes senseless, random scribbles on a wall can be a ‘thing of beauty’. Especially, when applied by a free-roaming gallery robot. Pretty amazing, would love to see it in person. Check out the video below.
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TEDxAmsterdam -> Human Brain

TEDxAmsterdam 2011 Human Brain from WE ARE Pi on Vimeo.
Great concept, amazing visual effect. Have a look.
Notes from Vimeo:
“Rutger Hauer, The Dutch National Ballet and Amsterdam’s creative community make brains from people, an Idea Worth Doing. This is the dress rehearsal of the first human brain in a series of three. See it live: 25th […]

Earth -> Time Lapse View from Space

Earth | Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over | NASA, ISS from Michael König on Vimeo.
This NASA/ISS video has been super popular the past couple days in the digi-nets, and rightly so. It’s absolutely mind-blowing. What amazes me is the fact the earth is so electrically charged, both naturally and by man, at all […]

Go All Day -> Colin Kennedy

Go All Day from Colin Kennedy on Vimeo.
This is an impressive single take video, featuring some great camera work, timelapse and some pretty slick riding by Chaz Ortiz.
Notes from Vimeo:
“A single-take, short film collaboration between Gatorade and The Berrics { } promoting Gatorade’s ‘Go All Day’ campaign. Starring professional skateboarder and Gatorade athlete Chaz Ortiz.”

Shuffler.FM -> iPad App

Some are calling the Shuffler.FM iPad app the “Flipboard of music discovery”. It automagically aggregates music content from thousands of tastemakers, music blogs, sites and magazines creating one big fat, music channel of love …something like that. Just when I was just starting to really get into Spotify. On to the next thing I suppose.
Get App […]

Burning Man -> Rites of passage

Burning Man: Rites of passage – Day from Ahmed on Vimeo.
This impeccably produced and captured video was taken at this year’s Burning Man. It’s a complete trip and well worth the view. SRSLY. Watch it.
Notes from Vimeo:
“Part one (Day) of a two part series. A short glimpse of a Burning Man experience. Hope you enjoy […]

Optimo -> Fine Hats

The ‘Optimo Fine Hats’ site experience is a terrific example of online branding, story telling and product display. They obviously want customers to come away with the understanding that Optimo hats are the real deal. Quality stuff. It will be interesting to see how they design out the online store.
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Quiet Camp Vibes -> Poler Camping Stuff

Quiet Camp Vibes from Poler Camping Stuff on Vimeo.
A friend of mine at work turned me on to Poler Outdoor Brand today …very cool and clever collection of outdoor products and clothing. I like the simple honest presentation of the brand. Have a look.
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Novum 11/11 -> Making Of Cover by Paperlux

Novum 11/11 – Making Of Cover from Paperlux on Vimeo.
Just a fun A-Z documentary on the design process behind the Paperlux Novum 11/11 magazine cover. I really enjoy their work. Much more stellar design beyond the link below.
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Jawbone -> UP

Jawbone is releasing an exciting and innovative new health tracking device and mobile app. It’s reminiscent of the NIKE/Apple partnership but not attached to an expensive shoe, and not specific to one activity, opening the door to a much larger customer base. You can now toss your old heart rate monitor and pedometer and that […]