Francois Robert -> Stop The Violence Series

The work of artist and photographer Francois Robert has been showing up a bit this week on my Tumblr dashboard. This series called ‘Stop The Violence’, seemed appropriately creepy for the upcoming Halloween holiday. More amazingly precise arrangements of bone beyond the links below. How often does one get to say that?
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Aurora Borealis -> Finnish Lapland 2011

Aurora Borealis in Finnish Lapland 2011 from Flatlight Films on Vimeo.
Amazing, and well worth the view.
Notes from Vimeo:
“This is selection of northern lights we filmed during the winter 2011 in several locations in the Finnish Lapland. It’s filmed with DSLR cameras with timelapse technique and with remote pan/tilt heads.”
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Theory One -> Ink Drawings/Flickr Stream

I’m really into the character drawings that can be found on Theory One’s flickr photo stream. Great line quality and character in each and every one, so worth checking out. I found them while browsing through Eight Hour Day’s perpetually interesting and inspiring design blog.
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Midnight Sun -> Iceland

Notes from Vimeo page:
“Midnight Sun: A natural phenomenon occurring in the summer months north of the Arctic Circle and south of the Antarctic Circle where the sun never fully sets and remains visible 24 hours a day. This short time lapse film was shot during the Icelandic Midnight Sun in June of 2011. For 17 days I […]

Paolo Novelli -> Kenya Photography: I'm a Star

Very inspiring portrait photography coming from filmmaker and a photographer Paolo Novelli. The stunning light and texture make them feel like old master oil paintings. More beautiful work beyond the link below (discovered on
Excerpt from his website:
“In 2009 I left for Kenya to work on a photographic project, I intended to portray the subtle balance […]

Fun With Sphero -> GoSphero

Fun With Sphero from GoSphero on Vimeo.
Not much else to say, other than this Sphero thing is rad, and I think it will be as big as the Rubic’s Cube (or at least it should be in my opinion). Such a great concept and design! I ♥ Sphero!
Notes from Vimeo:
“Sphero is the world’s first robotic […]

Micaël Reynaud -> Microscoped King of Legoland

Micaël Reynaud is a designer, illustrator and photographer based in France. His stop motion animations are pretty mind blowing and strike true with me because of the nostalgia that comes with his use of Legos and Matchbox cars. Staple toys of my youth. If you dig what he’s doing, you can follow him on Google +, Vimeo […]

we miss you already -> Steve Jobs

Above, are two of my favorite old photos of the young, passionate, genius and relentless Steve Jobs. The second photo, with a young Bill Gates seated next to him, has blown my mind from the first day that I laid eyes on it. To me, it is amazingly revealing and says so much about the […]

Oregon Manifest -> Collaborative Bicycle Design Challenge

A friend of mine (thnx! @catoosha) recently turned me on to the Oregon Manifest collaborative utility bicycle design contest. What a great venue to bring together some of the most innovative and accomplished design minds in the business. The results are pretty inspiring and impressive.
Notes from website:
“The Oregon Manifest Constructor’s Design Challenge is a one-of-a-kind design/build competition, […]

Golden Tree -> Martin Brooks Blues

While we’re on the topic of bicycles… this is super fun and well worth the view. Look Mom! No hands!
Notes from Vimeo page:
“A professional display of 50 No Handed Bike Moves* performed to “Golden Tree” by Martin Brooks.”
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