Facebook Timeline -> First impressions

I’ve got to say, things were looking pretty grim for ol’ Facebook when Google+ rolled out. G+ seemed to offer up some pretty nice enhancements to the social networking space with ‘circles’ and being able to follow non-friends, similar to Twitter. For me though, it lacked in the area of visual presentation, other than the ‘circles’ interface, the concept was pretty reminiscent of Facebook’s aging interface and overall layout/flow. Myself, being an extremely visual person, I was pretty underwhelmed by G+ in that respect.
Having said all that, I am really excited about Facebook’s new ‘timeline’ layout. I followed the simple steps to activate the invite via this TechCrunch post and am having a lot of fun with it (screen shots from my ‘timeline’ above). The timeline functionality offers something beyond just a ‘nifty interface’ that I really value and I’m certain many others who have been using Facebook for many years will value as well. It’s an amazing capture of your life, friends and the memorable milestones, all in one place. It’s a display of Facebook’s built equity, our loyalty and years of engagement that makes this ‘timeline’ so powerful and enjoyable. Something very special that Google + will have to build and earn on their own, over time, if they can keep up. Nice job Facebook.

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