itdrewitself -> Meggs x Lister x Kid-Zoom

MEGGS x LISTER x KID-ZOOM from itdrewitself on Vimeo.
Nice documentary style and some really nice artwork.
Notes from Vimeo:
“When three renowned Australian street artists all independently visited the UK in June, Very Nearly Almost organised a meet up and invited us to produce a video documenting the day. Featuring Meggs, Lister and Kid Zoom.”
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Bold Creative Studio -> NYC Photo Set

Libson, Portugal based agency called ‘Bold Creative Studio’ is responsible for the well processed images of NYC above. I really enjoy the level of desaturation and use of tilt-shift within this set. There are many other nice examples of photography on their portfolio site, as well as some squeaky clean type design. Definitely worth a […]

Patagonia Time Lapse -> Adam Colton

This is very well captured… pretty mesmerizing stuff.
Notes from Vimeo:
“Adam Stokowski and I spent 2 weeks in Patagonia Country pursuing our new passion for time lapse video and rhino hunting. We visited Torre Del Paine Park, Chile. Glacier Park, Argentina & Fitz Roy, Argentina. Plus all the beauty in between. Many barbed wire fences were climbed…. this […]

Painting Reality -> Pieces of Paper

This is a pretty fun and interesting environmental art piece, or public art project by ‘Pedazos de Papel’ (Pieces of Paper), or at least that’s who I was able to track back to for a source from Vimeo. I may be wrong. Regardless, the paint is released onto the pavement by bicycles and the rest of […]

Fine Art Photography -> Ryan Schude

The small images above barely begin to relay the awesomeness of the work coming from advertising, fine art, and editorial photographer Ryan Schude. His set design, lighting and well choreographed action scenarios are impecable and great fun to look over. I’m also a big fan of his portrait works. View more, much larger, beyond the […]

Type Fluid -> Skyrill

I came across this interesting fluid type experiment by the innovative folks at this evening on Behance. The renderings are fun to watch come to form and are extremely, well …fluid. Plenty of videos beyond the links below, have click through their portfolio site as well.
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Priceless Campout -> Steph Goralnick

NYC based photographer Steph Goralnick never fails to impress with her ability to capture seasonal events in a robust way. The photos above from a recent Summer camping/rafting trip are totally fun. Here in Seattle, we’ve been lucky to even approach 80°, so these images really make me long for Summer. I last posted in […]

Infographics Destination ->

For those who love infographics and information design in general, is a fairly new community specifically designed for sharing new designs. The site is super clean and minimalist, which makes sense for an infographics destination, I think. I look forward to seeing what kind of traffic and engagement the community draws. Have a look.
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Emmanuel Delaby -> Pantone Porsche

The Porsche headlight Polaroid series above, called ‘Pantone Porsche’ is one of the best things that I’ve seen today while browsing my Tumblr dashboard. Emmanuel Delaby’s Flickr stream is filled with interesting moments and terrific autos, all captured and thoughtfully enhanced with filters and various applications. Makes for a fun browse.
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Telenoika -> Audiovisual Mapping

Yet another magically innovative example of archetectural video mapping, created by with 2D video composition software and 3D modeling software. The amazing motion graphics were projected with a 20k video beamer at 1920×1080 at the Kernel Festival in Northern Italy (Brianza to be exact). Very much worth the view. I’d love to check out this festival.
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Foodies Paradise ->

This post is specifically for folks out there who love to cook adventurously and eat well …and appreciate a nicely designed search experience to help assist in those efforts. is not only beautifully designed, it contains a great deal of interesting recipes that can be easily searched based on what it is that you’re […]

2011 Showreel -> Gerbren Boere

Nice 2011 showreel coming from the fresh motion graphic mind of Amsterdam based Gerbren Boere. Well worth the view, especially for those who love solid motion design.
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Lifetime Collective -> The Road Trip

Lifetime Collective Spring/Summer 2012 “The Road Trip” from Salazar on Vimeo.
This is a pretty fun and beautifully shot summer road trip short video produced by a small band of directors called Salazar. Nice light, interesting action and an overall warm summer aesthetic. Worth a view.
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