QuaDror: Structural Joint -> Dror

QuaDror from Dror on Vimeo.
World renowned designer Dror Benshetrit spent four years developing the innovative structural joint above called QuaDror. The design is not only strong, supporting up to 86 QuaDrors on top of itself, it’s also incredibly compact and able to be flat shipped from place of development to place of assembly, saving valuable […]

Radiohead -> 'Feral' Unofficial Video

RADIOHEAD | FERAL | THE KING OF LIMBS from steven murashige on Vimeo.
I really enjoy this mesmerizing kaleidoscope effect. Usually a continuous, heavy effect similar to this one would tire me out pretty quickly, but in this case it really pulls a lot of life out of the music. Worth a view and a listen. Directed, […]

The Alphabet -> N9VE

This is a nice fluid alphabet animation created by Sardinia, Italy based designer N9VE, where each character is the initial letter of a font name. Pretty slick, I like the hand rendered, herky-jerky style. Click through to watch it on Vimeo.
View -> http://vimeo.com/18499580
Visit -> http://www.n9ve.it/

Marko Junttila -> Photography on DeviantART

I love these photos by Finland based Marko Junttila. I saw them posted on twitter the other day, I don’t know much about this artist or his work. I do know that he’s taken some amazing photography. Very inspiring. More beyond the link.
Visit -> http://markotapio.deviantart.com/
Visit -> http://www.markojunttila.net/

The Burn Units -> ALIVE

The Burn Units – ALIVE – feat Gigi Rüf, Ståle Sandbech & Arthur Longo from Burn on Vimeo.
Notes from Vimeo:
“This planet is alive. If only we could know what it knows, see what it sees. Sometimes you feel like it’s trying to tell you something, showing you where to look, how to see. Lighting up […]

Street Art View -> Google Street View

There have been a few corporate sponsored attempts in the last couple of years to build up a navigable global collection of graffiti and urban art in general. The first one that I took notice of was a mobile experience created by Adidas called ‘Urban Art Guide’, that experience was followed by a similar experience by Nike […]

'Infographics in Context' -> Peter Orntoft

Many in the design community have claimed that 2010 was the year of the infographic. With design forward organizations like GOOD magazine, countless agencies and independent designers all taking a crack at reinventing the idea of information design in the past couple years, it’s become a fun trend to track. The fantastic examples above are from a […]

Phil Collins Day Parade? -> Brooklyn, NYC

Yes, this is an odd one. But based on the excitement coming from a local Seattle DJ this morning, who discovered this and posted it on her blog… I think there may be some potential for this phenomenon to become a trend. And why not? In 2010 we saw dozens of cities partake in the whole Zombie […]

Dan Holdsworth -> Minimalist Landscape Photography

I feel so lucky to have discovered London based photographer Dan Holdsworth’s work this evening while browsing various photography sites. His sensibility to light and minimalist composition is so exceptional that I think I may have a tough time getting some of these images out of my head any time soon. They are truly mesmerizing. The […]

Make it Better -> Clim

MAKE IT BETTER from Clim on Vimeo.
The above animation was produced by London based motion designer who goes by the name ‘Clim’. His portfolio is full of clean and clever logo-type design and graphic works that are sure to inspire. Great use of color throughout his portfolio as well.
Visit -> http://climentcanal.com/

'Netherland' Collage Art -> David Van Alphen

Chicago based artist and gallery curator David “Netherland” van Alphen is the creator of these wonderfully obscure 1970s charged collage works. Consistent in theme and playfully nostalgic, his site makes for an entertaining and inspirational place to click around. You can also purchase some of his prints here.
Visit -> http://web.mac.com/dvagallery/Netherland_Art/Home.html

Artists Wanted -> In Focus: Pete Eckert

| Artists Wanted | In Focus : Pete Eckert from Artists Wanted on Vimeo.
Notes from Vimeo:
“Pete Eckert is a totally blind person. But through his photography, he proves that he IS a visual person, he just can’t see. Pete was the Grand Prize recipient of Artists Wanted: Exposure 2008, an international photography competition, […]

Nike Throwdown -> Wieden+Kennedy

I really dig this clever Nike spot created by Weiden + Kennedy, for multiple reasons. Nike has so much diversity happening with their brand right now, skateboarding to tennis… golf to rugby, so on and so forth. I think this ad captures the essence of Nike’s sprawl and amazingly implements their usual branding trifecta of ‘cool […]

Delta Shelter -> Olson Kundig Architects

I rarely post about architecture here on circuitbreaks, but this modernist weekend retreat called ‘the Delta Shelter’ really caught my eye last week …thanks to my wife for passing the link along. The structure was designed by Tom Kundig of Seattle based Olson Kundig Architects and is located in the beautiful region of northeastern Washington. Here are […]

Robo-Rainbow, Akay -> Street Act 2010

I thought this well-filmed video and the actual idea of enhancing one’s bike with an automatic rainbow generating machine was pretty clever. I love that there are people out there spending time building things like this, reminds me a bit of Nike’s Chalk Bot. Makes for a fun view.